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Prof.Pedant's TRNT-verse

//"Treasure Hunting"// posts

Chapter 1: The Old Spacer at the Economy Inn

Chapter 2: Anjing Hitam Appears and Disappears

Chapter 3: The Black Spot

Chapter 4: The Travel Chest

Chapter 5: The Fall of the Blind Man

Chapter 6: Passer's Files

Chapter 7: I Go to Bostonville

Chapter 8: At the Sign of the Spyglass

Chapter 9: Weapons, Lodging and Logistics

Chapter 10: The Voyage

Chapter 11: What I Heard from Behind the Curtain

Chapter 12: Council of War

Chapter 13: How My Planet Adventure Began

Chapter 14: The First Blow

Chapter 15: The Man of the Island

Chapter 16: How the Schlepping Maru Was Abandoned

Chapter 17: The Skiff's Last Trip

Chapter 18: The End of the First Day's Fighting

Chapter 19: The Garrison in the Stockade

Chapter 20: Sangre's Embassy

Chapter 21: The Attack

Chapter 22: How My Piloting Adventure Began

Chapter 23: In Which My Luck Ebbs

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