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Prof.Pedant's TRNT-verse

An ASB future history timeline that takes the events in Harry Turtledove's short stories The Road Not Taken and Herbig-Haro as a somewhat creatively interpreted jumping-off point.

Humanity now has contragravity and hyperdrive in a universe full of aliens with Renaissance-era technology. Where do we go from here?

Prof.Pedant's TL tries to answer that question.

You can read it here

Prof.Pedants TRNT-verse Timeline links to a list of timeline posts.

Prof.Pedants TRNT-verse Worlds links to a list of world description posts.

Prof.Pedants TRNT-verse Nations links to a list of “The Nations of Earth” posts.

Prof.Pedants TRNT-verse Background links to other tidbits of background information on this TL that appeared particularly interesting.

Prof.Pedants TRNT-verse Treasure_Hunting links to a list of story posts from “Treasure Hunting” an adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's “Treasure Island” to this TL.

Iniquitous Roots, Flowering Dreams, a TRNTverse interpretation of Joseph Conrad's “Heart of Darkness”.

Frustration and Empires, an apparently original TRNT-verse story set around the same time as Herbig-Haro.

Upcoming features include a series of stories under the title “Five Year Mission” (inspired/requested by su_liam), “The Rise of the Zanat” (with SAVORYapple co-writing), the further adventures of Inspector Jacqueline Clouseau, and perhaps a return to Ny Grønland. Very much thanks to su_liam/ for creating this wiki.

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