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The Republic of Pacifica (The Many Nations of North America)

A republic on the western coast of North America, consisting of the former states of Washington (now Cascadia), Oregon and Idaho. During the North American War, it fought against the Mormon Republic of Deseret and warlords from the Rocky Mountain Confederation.


The Republic of Pacifica is a federal democratic republic with a bicameral legislature. The President is the Head of the Executive Branch, and the Prime Minister is the Head of the Legislative Branch. The federal government is relatively limited, with most authority resting with the state and especially local administration. Since the mid seventies, the green libertarian National Secular Democratic Alliance of Pacifica (NSDAP) has been the majority party in the Pacifica Parliament, and most local assemblies. Notable minority parties include the conservative Republicans (Rep), the Socialist Party of Pacifica (SPP), and the Freedom Party (FP). A host of minor parties exist as well, but none get over the 5% vote quota needed to enter the parliament. Some of the minor parties play a larger role in regional elections.


Pacifica has a stable mixed economy. Major sectors include farming, aerospace industries, light industries, ship construction, mining, chemicals and services. Except for Boeing Aerotech, few large companies are located in Pacifica. Instead, the industry is based on a host of small and medium companies, which have proven to be very adaptable to the world market's demand. In the last decades, many companies based on green technologies were founded in Pacifica. Today, the nation is the largest exporter of solar, hydro, wind and other green energy technologies, new enviromentally- friendly chemicals and plastics, and recycling technology. Energy is largely provided by hydro- power dams. Major trading partners include Canada, the German Weltreich, imperial Japan, and California.


Until the North American war, Pacifica, being the most pacifistic nation of North America only had a small self defense force, supported by local militia. However, the war has made military reform a major issue.

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