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Mormon Republic of Deseret (The Many Nations of North America)

The Mormon Republic of Deseret is a landlocked theocratic republic in North America, occupying the former state of Utah. During the North American War, it launched repeated attacks against Pacifica, but was ultimately repelled.


Deseret is ruled by the combination of the President Prophet and the Council of the Twelve Apostles. These positions are lifetime appointments, with the President Prophet choosing new replacements to the Council of Apostles and the Council of Apostles electing the new President Prophet. These leadership positions have remained in the hands of Deseret’s leading families since the nation’s inception. The President Prophet wields all executive power, while the Council of the Twelve Apostles has legislative and judicial functions. Elections are banned, and political parties do not exist.

Society and Culture

Deseret is a theocratic state, with its national laws mirroring those of the Mormon church. Deseret is extremely conservative, both socially and economically. Drugs, alcohol and tobacco are all illegal, with possession being punishable by harsh prison terms and with intent to sell punishable by death. Its economic system is trumpeted as being laissez-faire, although the church itself possesses significant stakes in all of Deserat’s leading corporations and industries. Taxes are paid only in exchange for government services with the church/state earning most of its income from the mandatory 15% tithe. The rights of citizenship can only be conferred to members of the Mormon Church, with all outsiders being considered second class citizens.

Polygamy is legal and possessing multiple wives is seen as a symbol of paramount status. In order to support this practice, families enter into marital alliances with the patriarchs exchanging their daughters and granddaughters with one another in order to obtain the desired number of wives before death. This practice has deprived many young men of the chance of ever marrying particularly if they belong to a disfavored segment of their family. In order to prevent any unrest that this practice may cause, the church promises a wife to anyone who serves in the Nauvoo Legion for 15 years with a second wife being awarded upon completion 20 years of service. It is rumored that these wives are obtained as a form of blood tithe from Deserat’s poorest families.


Deseret’s Nauvoo Legion is a surprisingly large military force given the nations relatively small population. It is well disciplined and equipped with domestically designed and manufactured small arms although most of its more advanced military hardware is imported from elsewhere. The Nauvoo Legion fights using a combination of Great Lakes Confederation armored vehicles, Russian aircraft and Japanese communications equipment. Consequently Deseret’s advance into Pacifica’s Idaho province suffered immeasurably from a shortfall of replacement parts and constant harassment from Pacifica’s localized air superiority.


Deseret’s economy is largely centered around mining, ranching, and banking. Deserat serves as a tax shelter for dozens of corporations and it is alleged that billions of pounds were laundered into Deserat by the Rocky Mountain Confederation’s senior leadership during the republic’s final years.

Foreign Relations

Deseret has poor relations with all of its neighbors both due the extensive Mormon diaspora which is viewed by many countries as a potential fifth column and its continued territorial claims in Idaho, Californian Nevada and Atzlan.

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