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Characters of Ameriwank

Order of Freedom

In order of admittance

George Washington 1774-1799

The founder of the Order of Freedom and person the Stranger visited and gave the future technology to in order to accomplish the mission of unification. Led American forces in the Eastern seaboard colonies against the British participating prominently in campaigns in Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. Later became the first President of the United States. Served as President of the Order of Freedom from its inception in 1774 to his death in 1799.

Benjamin Franklin 1774-1790

Famed American inventor and statesman, he was one of the original founders of the Order of Freedom and became a prominent founding father in the early days of the Revolution and helped draft the U.S. Constitution in the twilight of his life.

Samuel Adams 1774-1803

Brother of John Adams and a famed Son of Liberty from Massachusetts, he was also a founding father and organizer of rebel activity in the Boston area before the Revolutionary War while being one of the founding members of the Order of Freedom.

Guy Carleton 1774-1808

The Royalist governor of Quebec until a visit by Washington and Franklin turned him to the Patriot cause. His leadership was key in rallying the French Quebecois population to the Patriot cause. The second primary military commander during the Revolutionary War he defended Canada from British invasion and led the Continental Army of the North to victory at Vercheres in defense of Montreal. The victory proved key to bringing the French and other Europeans into the war. Carleton would go on to be the post-Revolutionary Governor of the State of Quebec until 1806 in addition to being the second President of the Order of Freedom, leading from Washington's death in 1799 to his own in 1808.

William Briggs 1774-1815

A former Royal Navy officer serving in the Caribbean but lacking the connections to make Captain, he turned to the Patriot cause after a meeting with Benjamin Franklin. Briggs was the principle navy commander during the Revolution and was responsible for the defense of the Caribbean Basin during the war. He was key to organizing and creating covert tactics and light “hit and run” strategies that utilized colonial skill and tactics to European formality while using the Stranger's technology on the battlefield effectively. After the war he acted as Governor of the State of St. Kitts until becoming the Secretary of the Navy during the Jefferson administration. He would die at his post in 1815 acting as Commodore of a makeshift home fleet in the Stand at the Chesapeake which held off a British invasion of the mainland states.

Thomas Jefferson 1774-1826

Virginian planter, politician, statesman, and scientist who drafted the Declaration of Independence and later went on to become the third President of the United States in addition to the third President of the Order of Freedom which he held from 1808 until 1826. Presided over the US during the Barbary Wars.

Richard Henry Lee 1774-1794

Virginian statesman who famously made the call for independence from Britain.

Patrick Henry 1774-1799

An early Virginian revolutionary leader who was a founding father and Governor of the State of Virginia.

John Harper 1774-1802

A Nova Scotian trader and lawyer who was a key revolutionary leader in English Canada.

John Dalling 1774-1798

The Royalist Governor of Jamaica, he was converted to the Patriot cause after the sale of St. Barthlemy and a visit by Washington on his Colonial Tour. Key organizer of patriot activity in the western Caribbean.

John Adams 1774-1826

Founding father and colonial statesman and leader who was a key player in the Continental Congress. Became the second President of the United States after George Washington. Presided over the US during the Franco-American War.

James Madison 1790-1836

Founding Father and primary author of the Constitution. Served as the fourth president of the United States and presided over the nation during the War of the Sixth Coalition which saw the annexation of Gibraltar and the cementing of American ties in Australia and North Africa. Served as Order President from 1826 to 1836 taking over from Thomas Jefferson.

Charles C. Pinckney 1794-1825

A prominent US politician and governor of South Carolina

James Monroe 1798-1831

Last president who was also a founding father and the last of the Virginian Dynasty of presidents. He was the fifth president of the United States and presided over the Era of Good Feelings and the start of what many called “The American Empire”.

George Clinton 1799-1812

An American founding father, governor of New York, and Vice President of the US under Jefferson and Madison.

John Marshall 1799-1835

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Established the doctrine of Judicial Review

Hicham I of Morocco 1803-1827

King of Morocco after emerging victorious over his brother in the Moroccan Civil War as part of the larger Barbary Wars. First non-Anglo member of the Order and first non-Christian. Would play a key role in bringing American influence to North Africa over his life time.

John Quincy Adams 1803-1848

Vice President under Winfield Scott and a prominent Federalist/Whig politician who squared off numerous times against Andrew Jackson. Served as the Order President from 1836 to 1848 taking over after the death of Madison.

Samuel Greene 1808-1832

Famed American commodore who served in the Revolutionary War and subsequent wars thereafter. Failed to capture Bermuda during the War of the Sixth Coalition but redeemed himself by being the primary player in bringing Australia to the American sphere and helping Australia achieve independence.

Alexander Petion 1811-1838

A leading Haitian politican and leader who made his fame as a leading advocate of human rights. Often called the Moral Compass of America.

Fateh Ali 1812-1842

King of Mysore in India and a leader of India. Prominent politician and commander that helped lead India to independence from Britain and then to bring about the downfall of Bharat.

Nathaniel Macon 1812-1837

A prominent North Carolinian politician

Lachlan Macquarie 1815-1824

Former British governor of Australia who was converted to the Patriot cause during the War of Australian Independence. Served as the first President of the Australian Republic and then acted as the primary leader in the annexation of Australia into America.

Henry Clay 1815-Present

A leading Kentucky politician and part of the Great American triumvirate that including Daniel Webster and John C. Calhoun.

Thomas-Pierre-Joseph-Tashereau 1818-1826

A leading Quebecois politician and the first French-Quebecois member of the Order.

Simon Bolivar 1821-1851

The father of South American independence he played a leading role in the freeing of New Granada, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia's independence while securing the safety of La Plata and Chile. First Spanish-American member of the Order.

Maurice Charles O'Connell 1824-1848

The first governor of New South Wales and the primary successor to Australian leadership after the death of Macquarie.

John C. Calhoun 1825-Present

Prominent US politician from South Carolina and part of the American triumvirate along with Daniel Webster and Henry Clay.

Daniel Webster 1826-1850

Prominent US politician from Massachusetts and part of the American triumvirate along with Henry Clay and John C. Calhoun.

Andrew Stevenson 1826-Present

A congressman from Virginia and a speaker of the House of Representatives.

Louis-Joseph Papineau 1826-Present

A prominent Quebecois politician.

Mohammed IV of Morocco 1827-Present

The successor to Hicham I who continued his father's policies in bringing America and Morocco close together.

Winfield Scott 1831-Present

The eighth president of the United States coming after Martin van Buren. Primary American military commander from the War of the Sixth Coalition until his presidency.

Isaac Marshall 1832-Present

Prominent US politician and Freedomite from the Caribbean.

John Bell 1835-Present

A prominent Tennessee politician and successor of Andrew Stevenson to the Speaker of the House.

James K. Polk 1836-1849

A governor of Tennessee and prominent politician.

Henry Baldwin 1837-1844

A justice of the Supreme Court.

Faustin-Elie Soulouque 1838-Present

Successor to Alexander Petion as Haiti's prominent politician.

Tatya Tope 1848-Present

A former Baharatist but Indian Patriot who played a key role in the downfall of Chinnaysuri at the end of the Baharat Wars and took over as the leading Indian politician after the death of Fateh Ali.

John McLean 1845-Present

A congressman and supreme court justice from Ohio.

Stephen Douglass 1850-Present

“The Little Giant” and a prominent politician and senator from Illinois.

Antonio Jose de Sucre 1851-Present

Simon Bolivar's right hand man and a president of Bolivia and a leading politician from South America in the wake of the American annexations.

Presidents of the United States

George Washington

April 30, 1789 to March 4, 1797

John Adams

March 4, 1797 to March 4, 1801

Thomas Jefferson

March 4, 1801 to March 4, 1809

James Madison

March 4, 1809 to March 4, 1817

James Monroe

March 4, 1817 to March 4, 1825

Andrew Jackson

March 4, 1825 to March 4, 1833

Martin Van Buren

March 4, 1833 to March 4, 1837

Winfield Scott

March 4, 1837 to Present

Monarchs and Prime Ministers of Great Britain and the United Kingdom

George III 1760-1820

  1. The Earl Bute (Tory) 1762-1763
  2. George Grenville (Whig) 1763-1765
  3. 2nd Marquess of Rockingham (Whig) 1765-1766
  4. 1st Earl of Chatham (Whig) 1766-1768
  5. 3rd Duke of Grafton (Whig) 1768-1770
  6. Lord North (Tory) 1770-1782
  7. 2nd Marquess of Rockingham (Whig) 1782-1782
  8. 2nd Earl of Shelburne (Whig) 1782-1783
  9. 3rd Duke of Portland (Whig) 1783-1783
  10. William Pitt the Younger (Tory) 1783-1801
  11. Henry Addington (Tory) 1801-1803
  12. William Pitt the Younger (Tory) 1803-1806
  13. 1st Lord Grenville (Whig) 1806-1807
  14. 3rd Duke of Portland (Tory) 1807-1809
  15. Spencer Perceval (Tory) 1809-1812
  16. 2nd Earl of Liverpool (Tory) 1812-1827

George IV 1820-1830

  1. 2nd Earl of Liverpool (Tory) 1812-1827
  2. George Canning (Tory) 1827-1827
  3. 1st Viscount Goderich (Tory) 1827-1828
  4. Earl Bathurst (Tory) 1828-1831

William IV 1830-1837

  1. Earl Bathurst (Tory) 1828-1831
  2. 2nd Earl of Grey (Whig) 1831-1833
  3. 2nd Viscount Melbourne (Whig) 1833-1834
  4. Earl Bathurst (Tory) 1834-1837

Victoria 1837-Present

  1. 2nd Viscount Melbourne (Whig) 1837-1841
  2. Sir Robert Peel (Conservative) 1841-Present

King of Spain

Charles III 1759-1788

Charles IV 1788-1819

Ferdinand VII 1819-1841

Phillip VI 1841-Present

King of Portugal and the Algarves; Brazil; and Emperors of the Portuguese Empire and their Prime Ministers

Joseph I 1750-1777

Peter III 1777-1786 (Co-reign with Mary I)

Mary I 1777-1816 (Co-reign with Peter III)

John IV 1816-1819

Peter IV/Pedro I 1819-Present (Peter IV King of Portugal and the Algarves from 1819 to 1823. Pedro I King of Portugal and the Algarves, King of Brazil, Emperor of the Portuguese Empire from 1823 on-wards)

Prime Ministers of Portugal

  1. Jose Pinto Pizzaro de Sousa Barbosa (Cartista) 1823-1826
  2. Pedro de Sousa Holstein (Cartista) 1826-1828
  3. Joao Carlos Faro Menezes (Democratico) 1828-1831
  4. Pedro de Sousa Holstein (Cartista) 1831-1832
  5. Vitorio Maria Francisco (Democratico) 1832-1835
  6. Jose Jorge Loureiro (Cartista) 1835-Present

Prime Ministers of Brazil

  1. Antonio Jose de Manuel de Recife (Verdes) 1823-1825
  2. Jorge Piazza de Sousa Alvarao (Democratico) 1825-1826
  3. Rodrigo de sa Nogueira (Verdes) 1826-1831
  4. Jorge Piazza de Sousa Alvarao (Democratico) 1831-1838
  5. Bernardino de Sao Paulo (Democratico) 1838-1842
  6. Joaquim de Avila (Verdes) 1842-Present

King of France

Louis VXI 1774-1792

French Republic 1792-1804

Napoleon I 1804-1816

Louis XVIII 1816-1824

Charles X 1824-1829

Louis-Philippe I 1829-Present

Emperor of the Austrian Empire

Leopold II 1790-1792 (as Holy Roman Emperor, King of Hungary, King of Bohemia, and Archduke of Austria); 1765-1790 (as Grand Duke of Tuscany)

Francis II 1792-1806 (as Holy Roman Emperor); 1792-1835 (as King of Croatia, King of Hungary, and King of Bohemia); 1806-1835 (as Emperor of Austria)

Ferdinand I 1835-1848 (as Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary, King of Bohemia, King of Croatia, and King of Lombardy-Venetia)

Tsar of All the Russias

Catherin II “The Great” 1762-1796

Paul I 1796-1801

Alexander I 1801-1825

Constantine I 1825

Nicholas I 1825-Present

King of the Two Sicilies

Ferdinand IV 1759-1806

Leopold I 1806-Present

Electors and Kings of Bavaria

Maximillian III Joseph 1745-1777 (as Elector of Bavaria)

Charles Theodore 1777-1799 (as Elector of Bavaria)

Maximillian I Joseph 1799-1805 (as Elector of Bavaria known as Maximillian IV Joseph); 1805-1825 (as King Maximillian I Joseph of Bavaria)

Ludwig I 1825-Present


Fredrick II “The Great” 1740-1786

Fredrick William II 1786-1798

Fredrick William III 1798-1813

Fredrick William IV 1813-Present


Christian VII 1766-1808

Fredrick VI 1808-1839

Christian VIII 1839-Present


Gustav III 1771-1792

Gustav IV Adolph 1792-1809

Charles XIII 1809-1819

Horatio I 1819-Present


William V of Orange 1751-1795 (as Stadholder of the Dutch Republic); 1795-1806 (as Stadholder in exile)

Batavian Republic 1795-1806

Louis I 1806-1810 (as King of Holland)

Brother of Napoleon placed on the throne of Holland. Abdicated after the end of the Napoleonic Wars.

William I 1816-Present

Emperor of China

Qianlong 1735-1796

Jiaqing 1796-1820

Daoguang 1820-1841

Guangxu 1841-Present

Emperor of Japan

Go-Momozono 1771-1779

Kokaku 1779-1818

Ninko 1818-1846

Komei 1846-Present

Sultan of the Ottoman Empire

Abdulhamid I 1774-1789

Selim III 1789-1807

Mustafa IV 1807-1808

Mahmud II 1808-1831

Suleiman III 1831-Present

Shah of the Persian Empire

Karim Khan 1749-1779

Abolfat'h Khan 1779-1779

Mohammed Ali Khan 1779-1781

Ali Morad Khan 1781-1785

Ja'far Khan 1785-1789

Lotf Ali Khan 1789-1794

Mohammed Khan Qajar 1794-1797

Fat'h Ali Shah Qajar 1797-1816

Ishaq Mirza Safavid 1816-Present

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