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Legacy of the Anjevins

A medieval timeline created by The Professor. Read it here (Mk II version). (Or read the original version here.)

Point of divergence

It is during the year CE 1185 that this alternative timeline (ATL) diverges from our timeline (OTL). The Angevins have risen to power with Henry II, King of England, being Duke of Greater Anjou (Count of Anjou, Maine, and Touraine), Duke of Normandy, and Duke of Aquitaine by marriage. He also has control over most of Wales and western Ireland. The King of Scotland, William I, also acknowledges Henry as his overlord. In OTL, the sons of Henry are aided in their rebellions by Philippe II, King of France, culminating in the death of Henry, the bad kingship of Richard, and the worse kingship of John where the Angevins’ possessions in France are reduced to Gascony in the southwest of Aquitaine. In this ATL, a minor wound taken during his recent wars against Flanders in 1184 becomes infected and Philippe II Capet, l’Auguste, son of Louis VII, dies.

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