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Gurkani Alam (Mughal World)

A timeline by Tony Jones.

A world with no Aurangzeb, where the Mughal Empire remains a power in India. Other factors include two Chinese dynasties, an Anglo-Danish union (with an independent Scotland), an expansionistic theocratic Holy Russian Empire, and the Sarajevo Pact (a federation of several Eastern and Central European states aligned out of a fear of Russia). Thanks to the two Industrial Revolutions of this world (one in Europe and one in the Indian nations), technology in TTL is much more advanced in certain areas compared to our world. Beginning in this world's 1940s is the Long War, sparked when the Holy Russian Empire tries to stop the Mughal Empire's nuclear program through sabotage; the conflict lasts for almost the rest of the century, until the Russians are forced into a final truce. The world population numbers 10 billion by 2000. By this time, the Indian Alliance (the Mughal Empire and the Dakshina Nad) are starting to expand into space, with their allies slowly following them.

You can read this timeline here, at Tony's AH website.

AH.commer contributions

Tony has credited the definitive version of the timeline as being refined and improved thanks to some of the suggestions he was given in an older discussion on the board (listed on this page under the See Also section). To quote the credit at Tony's Mughal World site:

“These pages have been some three years in the making, and contain some 165000 words. The final version was improved by helpful comments from various members of the discussion forums. (…)”

See Also

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