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The Catherverse (also referred to as the Chipperverse in honor of its creator, Chipperback) is a world where the United States broke apart after the assassination of President Franklin D. Roosevelt on 15 May 1935.

The world developed in a much different fashion in many respects, because the “Superpowers” of our timeline never developed, and what did developed is a multipolar world of smaller by formidable nations, but also with a dividing line between Freedom and Slavery…thus building the “cold war” that shaped this world.

The timelines themselves are written as close to real time as possible and have been in existence since August 31, 2012, but there is a great deal of history involved, and much of that history will be covered in this wiki, in addition to biographical information and reference information.

The timeline itself is a global one. While North America figure prominently, there are stories events and figures from around the world, and there are a number of people you may know as major figure IOTL, who are a part of the fabric here, many of them in sharply different ways, and are different from as we would know them

There are three threads covering the Catherverse.

Willa Cather Landing: North American continent West of the Mississippi, Central America/South America/Carribean Hawaiian Pacfic Commonwealth, Australasia-New Zealand Thread This was the first timeline. It centered around the election the 2012 General Election in the Great Plains United Republic, a nation of 30 million people in the middle of the North American continent

Land of Confusion: North American continent east of the Mississippi, Europe, Africa, and the Middle EastThread This timeline started a week or so after Willa Cather Landing. This centered around the 2012 Presidential Elections in the Industrial Republic of North America, a nation of 100 million that encompasses the an area from the mid-Atlantic regions into the industrial North American midwest. Also included in timeline is events in Europe, Africa and Middle East

Winter of Discontent: Covers the affairs of the Confederate States of America and their dealings with the worldThread This part of the overall TL began in February 2013 and centers around the Confederate States of America, a nation of 95 million the encompasses a territory stretching from IOTL Virginia to IOTL Arkansas

A note of thanks to the list of continuing contributors from BrianD, SonOfSphinks, JonathanEdelstein, Unknown, and Turquoise Blue, our newest contributor who started this wiki page.

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