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Arose from Out the Azure Main : A British ISOT

A British ISOT timeline set in the 20th century, created by ianbhx. Originally began in October 2012, it has since moved on to a revised version of the storyline and even became an award-winning ISOT timeline.

Premise and POD


Version 1.0 (discontinued)

Version 2.0 (current)

Story-only thread (for the Version 2.0 incarnation)


The timeline proved very successful at the 2014 Turtledove Awards, where it won the "Best Continuing ISOT Timeline" and "Best Overall ASB Timeline".

Prose spinoff

In early May 2016, Sea Lion Press announced the publishing of Dislocated to Success, a spinoff book set in the timeline's universe, written and narrated from an in-universe perspective (i.e., in mockumentary form). The book was announced as part of Sea Lion Press' Phase 4.

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