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A Different Path Home

A late 20th century popcultural timeline written by statichaos, focused primarily on a very different development of Star Trek : Voyager, one of the more negatively received 1990s spinoffs of the original Star Trek and Star Trek : The Next Generation. You can read the timeline here.

Premise and POD

The gist of the POD is that the French-Canadian actress Genevieve Bujold, the original choice of the producers for Captain Janeway, eventually agrees to take the lead role, leaving Kate Mulgrew out of the series. However, Bujold's disputes with the cast and creators lead very soon to her departure from the series, much like in OTL (but a bit later, when the first few episodes had already been filmed and aired). The sudden departure of the lead actress causes a major shuffle in the plans of the screenwriters and producers and introduces new interesting ideas that will permeate the remainder of the show.

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