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Imperium Aeternum - Chronology : 26 BC

Claudia Marcella gives birth to Ptolemy’s first daughter, Ptolemia Marcella Caesar.

Antony defeats the rebel army in Armenia, but is fatally wounded. Antony dies in May, and his second in command, Titus Taurus becomes military governor of Armenia. Agrippa defeats Golgius at the Second Battle of Ctesiphon. Golgius is captured and executed.

Scipio defeats Orodes III at Dara, securing the entire Atrak River for the Romans. Once again because of his lack of man power, he is unable to advance further against the Parthians, but instead fortifies the river bank. Caesar reaches the Indus river in July after defeating several Indian armies. He begins fortifying the river as the eastern border of the Roman empire.

The Andhra dynasty replaces the Kanva dynasty , and rules over the eastern part of India.

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