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Star Trek: The Adventures of Elvar Amend

A series of short stories written by VulcanTrekkie45. He means it to be a collaborative writing series, but as of yet no one else has contributed to it.

It takes place in the Star Trek universe, during the 28th century. It focuses on the crew of the USS Phoenix, a prototype starship that serves as one of the flagships of the Federation fleet.

You can read it here.

Crew of the Phoenix

Captain Elvar Eowebrind Amend: Species: Kirim. The crown prince of the planet Saiph V. He is 72 in the first story, but appears to be only 18 years old. He has a very aristocratic air about him, but can also exhibit a youthful zeal.

Commander Hidalgo Rosa, First Officer: Species: Human. He is half the age of the captain, but still regards Elvar as one of his closest friends. He is also very observant of the environment around him.

Major Aiden McNevin, Head of the Phoenix's Marine Contingent: Species: Human. He a very boisterous man, and is well known for getting into quite a bit of trouble with some of his shipboard friends. He is known as “the Merry Prankster” among some of his friends.

Lieutenant Commander Ewan Noyes, Head of Security: Species: Human. Another member of the “terrible trio,” he and McNevin are rarely found apart from each other. The difference between the two of them, however, is that Ewan knows when to be formal and when he can goof off.

Lieutenant Commander Vincent Rowley, Tactical Chief: Species: Human. The voice of reason in the terrible trio. He is the most reluctant of the three to engage in their pranks, but he still joins in most times.

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