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The XXth Century: 100 Years of Change


The XXth Century was a project founded by Glen on Febuary 12, 2006. Starting January 1901, the timeline shows a drastically different potential 20th century focusing not on a specific POD but instead on the gradual changes made through the butterfly_effect.

Contributers submit possible events to the Draft Thread located in the shared_worlds board.

The Timeline

A huge variety of events have been submitted and excepted from all regions of the world, ranging from Media History to in-depth military history to opera history.

The United States resembles a cross between 19th century and 20th century US politics. Regionalization is a much greater force, and the parties have a much less clear cut political identity.

The Great Britain is a result of a liberal dominated government in the first part of century coupled with the ideas of Joseph Chamberlain being implemented to try to extend the life of the Empire.

The XXth Century Japan suffered a different fate than the one in our timeline, surviving defeat to still be a minor military power by the end of the century.

XXth Century Wars start very similar to OTL but as butterflies began to appear divergences to OTL began to appear.

The XXth Century Treaties changed the map of this world.

XXth Century Sports naturally changed as everything else changed.

The world's economy (page under construction) has been vastly different, generally favoring middle-income nations.

Future Plans

The XXth Century Time Line has been submitted to the Timelines and Scenarios page, but you can still contribute by visiting the XXth Century Draft page in the Collaborative Projects subforum of Shared Worlds. It is a potential candidate for the early 20th century category in the Turtledove Awards.

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