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The Ten (Plus 1) Map Commandments

As spoken by Krall

1. THOU SHALT NOT copy a bit of a map from another map and then paste it onto thy map.

2. THOU SHALT NOT colour borders black or any colour or shade other than that in the most recent and holy map, which shalt always be the standard MS Paint dark grey.

3. THOU SHALT NOT leave a border between thy nation and an area thy nation is expanding into.

4. THOU SHALT clean up thy nation's borders, they must not be more than one pixel thick.

5. THOU SHALT draw a border around the area thy nation is expanding into.

6. THOU SHALT show thy nation is expanding into an area by drawing an outline not more than one pixel thick of your own nation's colour within the border of your nation's expansion.

7. THOU SHALT only use the most recent official map to make a new map, do not use another person's editted map.

8. THOU SHALT not mark claims on the map, expansions only. Anyone found announcing an expansion as a claim will find their expansion removed from the map.

9. THOU SHALT only save and edit the map as a PNG image, JPEGs will not be accepted.

10. THOU SHALT NOT bitch about how I removed your nation or expansion from the map if I did so because of violations of the above nine rules.

11. THOU SHALT curve the borders of thy nation when it is appropriate because of the projection of the map. [Also known as the “euio rule”].

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