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shared_worlds:lauri_metsaelae Eternals : Autobiography of Subject 6119702 ("Lalli")

This file has been approved by the leadership of The Trust for Eternal and Ephemeral staff members visiting the databases of TETRA.

Session 1

Lauri Metsälä, aka Lalli (1847-1880 AD)

Hello. I have born in 1847 in the city of Rauma, in the Grand Duchy of Finland. My original name is Lauri Metsälä. I started working in a fishing fleet as a young man. I worked for many years as a fisher. In 1880, my boat was caught by a storm and I fell into the water and drowned. I drifted to Sweden, washed up near the city of Gävle. There I woke and I was quite confused at first.

Session 2

Lars Persson (1880-1900s AD)

When I realised that I was alive I went to a nearby house, asking for help. Luckily, I can speak Swedish, and so I soon got information that I was in Sweden. I quickly told them a somewhat believable story, but I don't remember exactly what that was. I said as my name Lars Persson.

Then I moved to Gävle and married. I had two children. I worked on building grounds. In the early 1900s, people started wondering that I don't get old so it was better for me to disappear. I framed a boating accident and people thought that I drowned. But I swimmed over the sea to the nearby city of Pärnü, which is nowadays located in Estonia.

Session 3

Lennart Paal (1902-1914 AD) and Friedrich Müller (1914-1920s AD)

When I arrived to Pärnu, I chose Lennart Paal as my name. The year was 1902. I lived there for many years. In 1914, the First World War started and I got into the Russian army. I fought in Eastern Prussia. Then I was hit by a German bullet, so I died again. The next night, I woke, and then I secretly joined the German army. I chose Friedrich Müller as my name. Luckily, I had learned the German language during my Pärnu years, so I didn't have big troubles there.

After the war, I wandered around Germany and then the Trust found me…

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