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One of the many evil creations of Augustus Montes and TheShah. He has a habit of reappearing in games after his first appearance, usually to the great detriment to the universe at hand.

Entropy of Empires: Sergey Kirov was a revolutionary who overthrew the United Russian Republic after the First Great Eurasian War (WWII). Establishing the Eurasian Union of Popular Republics (EUPR)he then invaded the Ukraine, which turned into a bloody stalemate. Growing increasingly paranoid, he began to purge the military and Party, which lead the Republican-leading Western command based in Western Russian and occupied Prussia to revolt, forming the ARRF. Austria (under SS) decided to help the fledgling ARRF which led to Kirov launching a atomic war on Austria. This war, and the Ukrainian Genocide, caused a estimated 150 million deaths.

It is believed that Kirov was actually killed by the Politburu either before or during the war, but they continued to show his presence, being labeled “big brother”. This personality cult grew to such a level that it became cult like fanaticism.

After the war ended and Russia broke up into several states, a rump EUPR existed in Siberia where his corrupted followers practiced a strange form of occultism, martyrdom and communism. “Kirovist” suicide bombers became common across the world, dedicated to bringing about the end of human civilization so that humanity could reach its “true potential”, whatever the hell that meant. They also committed several cases of nuclear terrorism, destroying a Moscow twice and a city in South Africa.

Imperium Eterna

The greatly-feared empires of the Sioux and Saipan were actually fronts by Kirov for his return. It was revealed that Kirov was actually a inter-dimensional demon hellbent on conquering the multiverse. Only through mass bloodshed and genocide can he pass through from the void.

This was actually foretold by a cryptic message carved onto a deranged dutch captain whose ship crashed somewhere in France.

His return, which involved human sacrifice, was thwarted by Hittite Jewish Tax Collectors (AD)and Kirov was again cast out. Nevertheless, to his twisted amusement, he swapped the armies of IE and another one. Out of nowhere, 200k Aztecs and Roman soldiers riding raptors raised havoc on the world.

New Dawn

Kirov hasn't shown up directly but this game has its fair share of Kirov-worshipping occultists (Enlightened Sons of Vorik, Brotherhood of Science). Kirov appears to be playing a cosmic game with AD's trans-game character, Col. Nhean.

MG: From Crooked Wood

In this world, the alternate Napoleon was Emperor Maksymillian, who was apparently an avatar of Kirov.

Later, a ship known as Vorik brought the body of the Emperor to Thule, where there were Kirov worshippers, the Sons of Vorik, based in a city called Carcosa. An Arab known as Brother Obama was attacked by Kirov there in a demon form, but Kirov was killed in a battle.

For the rest of the game, Vorik cultists hung around in Krakow, while the League of Evil was aligned against him. Sometime far in the future, Obama, Vanquisher of Worldly Kings and Destroyer of Kirov-spawn appeared while the Sons of Vorik attempted to summon Kirov in the ruins of the Main Temple of the Sons of Vorik.

CNG: Roaring Forward A man by the name of Kirov was President of the Russian Republic.

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