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This is an old revision of the document! Eternals : Autobiography of Subject 7213992 ("Amelia Gutierrez")

This file has been approved by the leadership of The Trust for Eternal and Ephemeral staff members visiting the databases of TETRA.

Session 1

The girl from Çatal Hüyük (6700 BC) and Amelia Gutierrez (Present)

I am Amelia Gutierrez, a middle-class woman living in San Francisco. But I am also many people across history. I am an Eternal, an Immortal.

The Trust never found me until last year, which is remarkable. I was born circa 6700 BC, in a new settlement called Çatal Hüyük. Or that's what they call it now…

Session 2

Aimee of Bretagne (Middle Ages) and Amelia Gutierrez (Present)

Gregorios: That is remarkable. What have you been doing with yourself all these years ?

Amelia: Oh, a lot of stuff… I was there for pretty much all of human civilization. Do you know of Aimee of Bretagne ?

Session 3

The incident in London (1880s)

Another story to tell you. One time I was raped, back in the 1880s, by a drunkard in London. It fucking hurt, both mentally and physically. After that, well, when the baby started to show, I stabbed myself in the stomach to kill the baby. Just my luck… The baby turned out to be Eternal, like me. After the baby was born, I left him with some good friends of mine (knew them for generations) and went up North to the ice. Froze myself to forget it all…

It was the 1910s when I thawed out and went back south. The family was still there, but my son wasn't. He was fighting in the war that was raging. I didn't want to meet him then, so I went to America, and assumed the name Lucille Cameron. The next decade, I already told you.

Since you're the Trust, I can tell you. My son's present name is Thomas Alexander Crawford and he lives in Maine. Do not tell him I told you this, please!

Session 4

Lucille Cameron (1920s)

Many, many lives. Many, many centuries… Ah…

There's one I want to tell you. It was the Roaring Twenties. I was a young-ish woman living in New York. Things were good. I had a good job, good boyfriend, all that.

And believe me, being in New York in the Roaring Twenties was the best place to be!

It was so liberating for me. Young women today don't know how much freedom they have compared to before the Twenties. I smoked for the first time. I was a flapper girl, and I loved every second of it! I also voted for the first time in my life, 1922 for the Socialist, Meyer London and 1924 for that third-party guy, with the crazy hair, can't remember his name, sounds French. He promised change, but ended up only winning one state, which was not New York. That went Republican and Coolidge.

My name? Lucille Cameron. I worked as a shop assistant, in a big store, the biggest in New York. I was paid what I thought was high, and spent it during the week.

Session 5

Amelia Gutierrez (Present)

Putting my first seatbelt on… Ah, so recent… Like it happened today…

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