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Resources : Denmark

This is a page listing various resources dealing with Danish history, geography and related topics and subjects. Resources range from website and online article links to lists of recommended non-fiction bibliography.

National Archives of Denmark

National Library of Denmark

Baltic Connections Project - Uncovering the common past of the countries around the Baltic Sea (1450-1800).

Danish Cuisine and Danish Food Culture

Photos of Danish rail vehicles and rolling stock, courtesy of Phil Richards

English to Danish online dictionary

Database of Nordic names - Names, old and new, in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Faroese, Icelandic, Sami and Greenlandic languages, Old Norse and names from northern European mythologies.

Medieval Baltic Ships - Traditions and constructional aspects - Detailed science paper on medieval ship types and shipbuilding techniques used in lands around the Baltic Sea during the Middle Ages. Also available as a .pdf here.

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