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Resources : Arts, Architecture and Monuments

Useful resources pertaining to architectural styles and design, fine arts and sculpture, literature, theatre, music, film, artistic movements…

General resources - “The Ultimate Guide to Great Art Online”.

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy - A peer-reviewed academic resource.

Architecture - Site with information on castles, chateaus, etc., throughout Europe.

Novum Instrumentum Geometricum (1607) - “Illustrations from Leonhard Zubler’s Novum Instrumentum Geometricum (1607). Zubler was a Swiss goldsmith and instrument maker who is credited with introducing the use of the plane table into modern surveying. This book demonstrates the use of his instruments in techniques of triangulation, particularly in the context of warfare.” Courtesy of The Public Domain Review.

The London Evolution - Short (7 min.) documentary film showing the territorial and architectural development of London throughout history.

1890 Great Tower of London that Never Was

Unbuilt America : Forgotten architecture from Thomas Jefferson to the space age

The great cities that were never built

The Stone Structures of the Northeastern United States - “This website is a resource for information about historic stone structures, Native American ritual stone structure, and stone quarrying methods in Northeastern United States. It provides information about how to identify these stones structures, their history and purpose.”

Literature and aphorisms

First World War Poetry Digital Archive

Quote - “Exploring the origins of quotations”.

Music and musicology - “A collection of useful learning pages, quizzes and tools to help you learn about music theory.”

Early music ensembles - A quick, clickable overview of various modern day ensembles and bands that specialise in reproducing early music (e.g. medieval music, early modern music, etc.).

Artistic and cultural movements

Encyclopedia of Romantic Nationalism in Europe - Includes country-by-country and author-by-author articles, on topics such as literature, music, fine arts, philosophy, etc.

Various resources - “Search The Most Extensive Database of Accredited Online Schools”

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