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A member who joined the forum in January 2008. He is 19 years old and while originally from Colorado, he attends university in Washington, DC. He proclaims himself to be a socialist and often mentions that he lives in the People's Republic of Boulder.

Wilcoxchar first gained some notoriety in the Map Threads, where his prolific posting prompted euio to informally declare him part of the Mappist Cabal. However, with his recent decline in map production, he is unsure whether he is still or ever was a member.

He is the creator of the timeline "Union and Liberty: An American TL", which aims to follow 200 years of American and world history. Beginning in 1828, the timeline has reached 1865 so far and came in second in the Pre-1800 New Timeline runoff vote in the 2009 Turtledove Awards.

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