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Joined in August 2013.

Had a sockpuppet, Lucius Cornelius Sulla, which he used initially instead of his first account. Tuareg blamed the non-usage of his first account on technical issues. After his second account got banned, he returned with his first account and actually had the decency to at least publicly confess to this. Nevertheless, despite initial leniency that only resulted in the locking of the apology thread, a decision was made to ban his first account as well.

Ultimately, banned in late November 2013 for sockpuppetry, trying to circumnavigate a ban.



On November 28, 2013 caught and reported a hilarious mistake in the Roster of the Repentant; the link to the List of Members was inaccurately described as being the list of banned members.

On November 23, 2013 developed and is currently pioneering the use of ostensible Hyperlinks on words in very short posts, to reduce the need for the universal white “Filler” text which is, to him, glaringly ugly and needing of strenuous amounts of work (way too much extra typing). He typically uses “”.

Is Nixonite and damn proud of it.

Loves to brag about his unacknowledged and widely unknown streak of writing only a bit less than 1 update/day in FOR WANT OF THE HAMMER. These updates are, needless to say, of a very superlative quality. Attempted to do the same with Annals of the Anglo-Norse, but is currently fighting a losing battle against lust for Rome and all things Roman.

Related to the above, believes fully that the Roman Empire officially ended in AD 380, when Theodosius I adopted Christianity as the state's official religion.

One of the few to have come back from the dead, due to a mistaken case of anti-gay bigotry. Since he is bisexual leaning toward women himself and the main character and protagonist of his main TL is bisexual leaning toward men, this was a both hilarious and unfortunate–since it led to 7 days of no updates–event.

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