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El Yanqui

El Yanqui is an American member from Maryland (and who went to school in DC) who joined in Jan. 2010.

He had gone by “Tsar Gringo” since November 26, 2013, when he changed it from the previous “Massa Chief”. He changed his name again in March-April 2015.

Has a defined affinity for the Old Right; does not shirk from disparaging the GOP. One of the more dedicated anti-interventionists. Also causes occasional puzzlement (on the part of the other party) when DTanza or another one of the more liberal members agrees with him.


A Giant Leap For Mankind Basically, it's an alt-exploration TL, with a pre-TL PoD in the early 13th century. Has supplemental updates to provide detailed exhibition of the world before the “start” of the TL (1400) but the TL itself will be about Europe's role in the creation of global trade and global interaction.

In Culture

Is also apparently Ozymanbadil in the “cult” of the picturewraiths


Has a blog at Writings

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