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The Vulture (sometimes abbreviated to TV) is a relatively new member (and gaysexual) from the Midwest United States, characterized by his liberal politics and his love of Thai cuisine and Danish beer. His historical interests are eclectic in nature and essentially just revolve around whatever he finds interesting. His notable works include his ongoing timeline The Eighth Continent and the short story Game of Death, both found in the ASB forum, as well as the After 1900 prose TL The Revolution Will Be Live. He is also an early member of the Honourable Gentlemen's Club.

The Vulture wears an eyepatch on his left eye for medical reasons, and therefore occasionally refers to himself as a cyclops. The name may be unwarranted, as he has not yet eaten anyone.

The Vulture has appeared in many works of popular culture, such as Eka Fasi Siht and Tsix Et Ons Eod Siht. He is also an avid skee-ball player and the next President of the United States.

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