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TaetusPrimus is a regular viewer and occasional poster. Not quite as interesting as the regulars simply because he doesn't have the time he'd like to post more often. His handle is a (sad) attempt to have a Latin form of “Tate the First”, meaning 1) he plans to start a new line of Tates and 2) he hopes the ASBs will make him monarch of somewhere and therefore he'll get to adopt a cool Latin name.

Serious stuff

Taetus does his part for the Heterosexual Reconquista by being a husband & father. He is also a Conservative Republican and old-school Calvinist. His favorite hobby is contemplating the nature of God and the universe and where we all fit in it.

He has his own AH page at .

AH Interests

  • Eastern Roman Empire
  • Commonwealth of England (Cromwell)
  • Napoleonic Era
  • World War I
  • Future History

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