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He joined in October 2011 and frequented the Shared Worlds forum. Over time, he was clearly showing a creepy fetish for nuking certain countries and territories in SW games. When he took his n-th nuking of Alaska too far, he was banned. No, kidding. ;) He was actually banned once it was discovered he had tried to bypass kickings by setting up numerous sockpuppets.

After presumably offering penance to Ian, he was unbanned in early 2014.

Some of his known sockpuppets include :

  • commandershepard
  • gamewarrior15

Testimonials Regarding Red1

*By Prometheus_2300*

#P2300Lectures ; #socialcontract

The Red1 Menace

NOTE:I hold no personal animosity towards Red1, and I would like to state in case of mod review, that I am focusing on several case studies only for the purpose of academic discussion. With that out of the way…

He brought the USA to its destruction. He ended an Axis Victory Japan from total hegemony in the Pacific. He forced the USA to fight a war in the Amazon. He caused France to leave NATO, and brought down France's power in the EU. He brought 3 coups to the Netherlands, and a fascist government to the Dominion of Australia.

If these were done by nations other than themselves, the story might be very different. However that is not the case… Red1, in 2077 in a Fallout Pre-War Nation Game, decided to nuke China and Russia days after a successful peace conference, because he believed he had enough GECKs and weapons to win a nuclear war. In 1985, the Empire of Japan invaded and occupied the Philippines, running past a multinational coalition blockade, he also nuked Manila in the same attack. In the 1970s he reneged on a multi-billion dollar deal with the USA for nuclear power, and reneged two turns later when the bill was handed over, causing the USA to abandon its support of Brazil, to the point of forcing an intervention. American troops landed in Rio di Jainero to exuberant crowds, as the 101st Airborne marched on Brasilla. In 2031, he decided to expand the French Military, its nuclear arsenal, and then decided to pressure a corporation of mercenaries in the United States. Punishing that corporation for doing a deal with China, that it did not know about. In the 1920s he had a coup in support of Germany, then did it again when he realized Germany wasn't going to support him, then again to divorce himself from responsibility of the first 3, making the Netherlands an international pariah. His next nation was Australia, where he attempted without the military or crown permission to make a fascist state.

There are countless more stories just like this, these are only the ones I particularly remember. However the question is: Why Red1? Why has he become the most notorious player in the NG Forum. On the surface his conduct is not unique, nor his play style. He wanked out his nation, ignoring plausibility. He incited wars, without plans. He launched nukes without a second thought. His confidence was not unique. So… Why Red1? Out of all the players that have been in the NG Forum, how has he become the one that stood out. Quite simply… Longevity.

Typically, when a new player arrives, they go through their first game. We've all been there, and after getting knocked around by more skilled players, we learned valuable lessons after crashing our nation into oblivion. There is of course the other outcome, the player leaves in a storm of rage and never returns. This is where Red1 was unique, he stayed. Every NG, the same mistakes, and the same conduct, with the same results. “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” this quote by Albert Einstein is apt for red1. He performed the same actions over and over again, expecting different results.

The next question is of course: Why did we let this happen? We kept letting him into games, and we always reacted with rolling eyes whenever he did another shenanigan. We chided him for it, and then he ragequit. In my opinion, we let keeping this happen because we kept hoping against hope that he would learn. He stayed around, yet never learned the ways of Nation Games. He stayed on the board for long periods, and if he learned he could have been a regular player.

While most of the board is angry at red1 for ruining and prematurely ending several games, we must acknowledge that part of that anger is directed at ourselves, for hoping that maybe this time, he would learn. This time he might not crash a nation. It is the unfortunate cost of allowing anyone to play in nation games, and why Shared Worlds is not visible without logging in. It is the price we pay, we suffer the noobs so that our community can remain open. Any new member could become the next great player, the ones who can RP, make excellent reports, stay in character, and make a game truly one to remember. Red1, not to be melodramatic, is the price we pay so that those potential great players can find a home that is easy to access and play NGs in.


*By Saint_007*:

P2300 missed the time he was Israel.

I said this before, but for the sake of the thread I'll say it again.

Red1 has an unhealthy fixation with helping the Israeli side in any NG. While that might make sense in the 1950NG (he played Israel), it was scarily present in other NGs when they shouldn't make sense, like the time he played Australia in a 2012 NG and threatened Russia for siding with the Palestinians.

He's also extremely anticommunist (or anti-Russian, not sure which). In Power of the Atom 3, he played Sweden, and tried to get nukes to protect him from the Red Menace. He was eager to find ways to fight the commies, which is what surprised me when he played as the USSR in a game.

Of course, by that time, he had been owned by Russia many times, so I think he was trying to switch to the one place where Russia couldn't kick his ass :p

He's also extremely eager to jump to accessing WMDs, either through some illusion of invulnerability or because he was convinced it would make him a great power. Never mind that constructing nukes are an expensive business and a rather demanding science. Plus that nukes would turn any situation into a major crisis.

In the 1950NG, which IIRC was his first NG, he managed to talk the British and French into giving him the secret to nuclear weapons. In 1951. Never mind that it took Israel until 1967 to do so IOTL. Never mind that even should the Arabs rise against him, Britain and France would be more than happy to step in and help him out (discretely for Britain).

So guess what he does with those nuclear secrets? He gives them to Nationalist China as a deterrent against Communist China. A Nationalist China, I might add, fresh off its humiliating loss of the mainland to the Reds. In effect, he turned what should have been an interesting Cold War scenario into a powder keg that could explode at the slightest jostle.

Of course, in retrospect, it would have taken Taiwan or Israel several years before the nukes were ready, and even then, they'd need uranium, something not exactly found on the open market, and unobtainable without raising questions.

And then he went slowly bananas. He engaged in rather dubious espionage, spying on Canada and the USA to obtain weapons secrets, and constantly plotting against Tito and Egypt. This culminated in the assassination of King Farouk I, which I was generous enough to turn into a successful assassination of the Royal Family (because it suited me). The Army took over, meaning the Free Officers (and Nasser) rose to the fore.

Feel free to facepalm. :D

Red1, undeterred, kept engaging in ill-advised espionage to the point where he antagonized France, Britain, the USA, Canada, and Russia. The ones you'll recognize as being either Israel's biggest allies or global powers. The only player who supported him was the Italian player, who seemed effectively blind to red1's follies.

It all came to a head when Israel's covert ops was exposed. Israeli spies were busted in Canada trying to steal plans for the Avro Arrow, and an Egyptian investigation revealed Israel's culpability in the death of the Egyptian Monarchy.

Israel responded by trying to destroy Egypt as a nation; killing the higher-ranking generals, trying to kill Nasser, trying to blow up Parliament, and actually tried to kill Tito. Only the first succeeded.

That was followed by attempting to drop his nukes on Cairo and Mecca. Cairo was understandable, but he nuked Mecca out of spite. That was followed by the Russians nuking Tel Aviv and West Jerusalem and Israel being invaded by the UN (Russia, USA, Canada, France, Britain).

So yeah, that was his earliest (and IMO, one of his most spectacular) disasters in NGs.

Like P2300 said, if we were to count his Epic Fails, we'd be here till the next Ice Age (the meteorological event, not the animated movies).

EDIT: I forgot to mention that this was also Kyrator's first NG (playing as Sweden), since he helped fight the Hebrew menace. :D But seriously, that's how bad it was; red1 turned Israel into a threat that was hated by everyone, even peace-loving Sweden. :p

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