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Long-term board member, though not very active on a regular basis.

To call him Prussianphilic would be an understatement. However, he's also considered something of a full-time self-ironic roleplayer, given that he tends to deliberately ham up his oh-so-very-Imperial-German POV on all things connected to 19th century history. It's pretty much his permanent running gag, down to his custom user titles (e.g. “Preussenlied !”, “The Last Prussian”, etc.). The motto of one of his TLs is : “Some people have Gods. Some people have ideals. I have Prussia.”

In essence, Nietzsche is both a fan and a parodist of Prussian and German monarchism.

Occasionally, he also dables in map-making and flag-making. Unsurprisingly, they often have something to do with the history of the German statelets, Prussia and Imperial Germany.

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