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An American member from Utah. Also a member of the LDS Church, as indicated by one of his previous user handles, “MormonMobster” (the second one was “Haakon Brinecloak”).

Started the "Ask me about Mormonism" thread in Non-political Chat.

Zioneer was previously away on a coming-of-age mission for the LDS church, which was slated to last for two years, until 2016. However, he returned early for medical reasons in January 2015.

He is a closeted Democrat in real life, and consequently he isn't registered to the party. Despite technically being an independent, he's going to serve as a state delegate to the 2016 Democratic National Convention, which as mysterious to him as it is for the rest of us. He would really like the Utah Democrats to win more elections, but he admits that doesn't seem likely when they still think bars are great staging grounds for the Mormon majority to be pushed towards the path of progressive politics.

Regrettably, he was banned in early June 2020.


One of his timelines on hiatus is Drink From The Chalice of War, a timeline about an alternate Hussite Wars era in the 15th century Czech lands and how it affects Europe.

He is rather active in the Worldbuilding Thread and has contemplated several ideas for stories in science fiction ASB settings.

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