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Fade to Black (F2B) is the creative writing project of Archangel Michael. It is currently divided into two main volumes–Volume One and Volume Two. Volume One is considered generally non-cannon. Volume Two is further divided into three sub-series–there's the main Fade to Black series set in the fictional Stillwater, Nebraska and Arkahm County; the No Direction Home series focusing on Cecil; and the Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge series focusing on Natalie Ruskamp.

Volume One

Fade to Black: A Rose By Any Other Name Roman LaPointe has just lost his longtime girlfriend.

Fade to Black: Cheating Death Atari Toomer decides to allow a man to play a game of chess to decide the man's fate.

Fade to Black: Dish Best Served Cold Natalie Cromartie has been raped and has lost her mom, and her hometown police does nothing. So she decided to take justice into her own hands.

Volume Two

Fade to Black

Rosebud The Indian witch Izzy faces off against a demon who has taken over her hometown.

Blind Justice Justice Boozer is your normal thirteen year old girl–except she's blind.

Down in the Delta An ancient bird-like race enslaves humans in Ancient Egypt, until they are saved by a vision from on high.

Fade to Black: The Official Timeline

No Direction Home

Seasons of Wither Cecil's been assigned to search for a missing girl. He finds her, and a disturbing link to his past.

Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge

Fear of the Dark The origins of Natalie Ruskamp, including the tragedies that drove her to Greece and to become the Nemesis.

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