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An AH member who joined in August of 2011. Almost immediately after joining, he began his magnum opus, an alternate D-Day using the Frisian Islands instead of Normandy. The original thread quickly became one of the most active threads on the after 1900 forum. This is because david green's massive ego refused to acknowledge that the idea was stupid.

The Frisian Islands, he alleges, are so much closer to Berlin that making a base there would make for shorter supply lines and a more effective end to the war. He ignored the fact that the islands are small and difficult to defend, the logistics would be absurd, and that it would be tactical suicide for the allies to attempt to build up their forces there.

When people started pointing out flaws in his argument, he was polite at first. Early in the thread, david admitted that he was not a military expert. When it was pointed out that actual military experts and professional historians are among those ripping apart his argument, he dismissed it as “appeal to authority.” When people pointed out that nobody else but him thought the idea was workable, he dismissed it as “groupthink.” It wasn't long before he started taking a condescending tone in his responses, at which point people started to call troll. However, he seemed genuinely interested in alternate history.

It went on and on. Every time someone conceded a minor point, he touted it as evidence that the frisian island strategy is a misunderstood work of genius. He was quick to point out everyone else's logical fallacies while at the same time committing his own.

After 78 pages of him arguing against almost the entire board regarding the smallest of minutiae of the scenario, it was moved to NP Chat. David green immediately cried censorship, despite the fact that the thread was still open for discussion, viewable, and on a board that is more active (in terms of posts, though not member traffic) than the post-1900 board. The thread died anyway, presumably because people were fed up with arguing with him.

A month after the thread died, he demonstrated his inability to learn from his mistakes by posting a TL of the Frisian Islands scenario. Since the mods were now wise to him, only 13 pages of arguing were needed before the thread was moved to ASB. David green concluded that, since he had so brilliantly destroyed all of their arguments, the mods were now conspiring against him to keep him from making them look bad. After that, he started posting in random threads, demanding that they be sent to the ASB section. When it was pointed out that the threads weren't ASB-worthy (or, in one case, that comments were clearly meant to go in a separate thread), he left, apparently for good.

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