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A former member who joined in April 2008, named after a French Merovingian king. So far, has started on one timeline about Operation Downfall and had written one (very) short story, Solitude.

Chilperic sometimes contributes to the Official Gorgeous Pics of Women Thread; particularly with pictures of Gemma Atkinson.

Chilperic is known to use picture macros.

Chilperic was born in Rugby, England, but currently lives in involuntary exile in Manchester.

Chilperic was banned for trolling in September 2008.

Favourite countries

- The British Empire, who he frequently idolises.

- Manchu dynasty China

- The Ottomans

- Canada, Australia and any of the British dominions.

Not so favourite countries

- Argentina

- Ireland


- An independent Scotland, Wales, Ulster, Cornwall or Norwich


- Why so serious? (said whenever thread deteriorates into flamewar)

- Rawr! (Whenever someone mentions anything remotely to do with sex)

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