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Bolt451 (formerly KingClumsy) is a British poster who can often be found hanging out with The Politibrits who lives in Cheltenham (and literally used to live a few buildings away from KingCrawa without either party knowing). Bolt has a keen interest in politics, especially British politics tied with a frustration at things like pragmatism and the archaic nature of Westminster. As such she often finds herself going off topic on politics threads for the sake of socialising and her own sanity. Something she is very sorry for.

After 27 years in the closet (and in a fair bit of denial) Bolt came out to the forum (And the wider world) as transgender and changed her user name from KingClumsy to Bolt451, the latter being derived from her roller derby name and number. Beyond the forum she's a roller derby announcer, a Trekkie (DS9 is the best series, fight me), a big comics dork and a self published comic book writer who unfortunately cannot draw for toffee.


Saints And Sunrises . Bertha of Kent dies on her way to Britain and so the British church evolves very differently, leading in turn to a very different early England. Bolt's first time writing a pre-1900 timeline.

TLIAD: A Song for Alternate Europe A different World War II leads to a significantly different Europe and more importantly a drastically different Eurovision Song Contest

Clustershag to Ten Downing Street The Alliance win in 1983 and institute electoral reform, leading to a slow maddening fragmentation of British party politics


Bolt's politics can be described as a eco-socialist. She's left wing with a definite green paint job to it. She has variously been a member of GPEW, Labour and the Liberal Democrats and has voted for all three depending on where she is living.

She wrote her own wiki page, she is bored.

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