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List of Presidents of the United Earth Federation

Presidents of the United Earth Federation (UEF)
Name Dates Party Biography
Lisbeth Manneheim 2102-2111 Alliance of Liberals and Democrats

President Manneheim was elected intially by the United Earth Senate. Her candidacy was as representative of the Northern European Union. Re-Elected by the public in 2107. A former NEU Member of Parliament belonging to the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats. She was assisnated by a seperatist Loyal to the extant Chinese Monarchy. while visiting Beijing.

Her term and a half saw the finalisation of the UEF constitution and framework and the military or economic defeat of opposition states (with the exception of Australia, of course). |

Jacque Matin 2111-2120 The Alliance for Social Democracy

Was the first president elected by the people to start his term. Was famous for his speech in front of the Beehive in New Zealand begging the Aussies to believe in unity. Served for 9 years before being forced out of office due to a stoke.

Founder of one of the two biggest Earth Parties, The Alliance for Social Democracy. |

Aditya Malkin 2120 Interim president Called Election with approval of senate and member's congress, to move elections to at the beginning and half way through each decade. Greater Dehli Region
Nomkhitha Sikade 2120-2125 South African Region. first president to only serve one term. Otherwise uneventful
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