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Albus Dumbledore aka "Mithrandir"

About Albus

A member who joined on February 12, 2007 to observe some non-specific bout of e-drama and has since only returned to observe e-drama, as well as the occasional story or timeline involving Harry Potter or the Lord of the Rings. Albus Dumbledore was a moderator at Alternia 3.0 (see Alternia). Disliked by many of the members, he had stepped down (June 5th, 2007) to disprove the accusations of his lust for power. He is most certainly a certified Harry Potter fanatic and hence likely recruit for Hazazel’s weird Bee-cult-thing.

Albus on

Albus Dumbledore had aims of easing the tension between the sites (see Alternia) and even though most people thought it would be unsuccessful. This is now impossible due to the complete dissolution of Alternia. Albus Dumbledore is credited with the Fall of Alternia, causing members to move to a different site, Different Worlds. While he has proceeded to dive into the Stirling-related flamewar, he has not as yet made any real contribution to the AH discussion on the forum nor does he plan to. He likes to read the posted AH material but has little interest of creating any for himself. He mainly focuses on member/site related issues and this has worked out mostly for him in the past. At the conception of his posting record, Albus had a habit of insulting members but has since apologized for his actions and vows to keep a civil tongue.

Albus on Dumbledore

For the record, Albus Dumbledore undeniably believed that Dumbledore will return in the 7th Harry Potter book even in light of JKR’s release on August 2nd, 2006 that Dumbledore would not ‘pull a Gandalf’. He was sort of right.

New Name

In response to the negative light Albus Dumbledore has received from the e-drama of Alternia, he sought to change his name to “Mithrandir” to avoid persistent remarks.

Different Worlds

Posting under the username “ascension”, Albus/Mithrandir was at first banned at Different Worlds, the successor site of Alternia and othertimelines. He was reluctantly allowed to return following the merger of that forum with one belonging to Zeebo and has since regained the trust of most of the posters there. As of April 24th, 2008, Albus is known as [b]Sir D. Moriarty[/b].

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