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*Cough* Pluto isn't the largest known object beyond the orbit of Neptune.

That honour belongs to ErisAnalytical Engine 2008/10/07 06:00

It won't be when we send Bruce Willis to blow it apart with nukes just to shut up the plutophobes!

You do that, Thande. Until then, scientific accuracy will prevail - Lowells egotrip, supported by correctionophobes has gone far enough anyways -Susano

Alright, I've had enough of this, because Susano's just used the 2006 definitions that were changed again in 2008 :rolleyes: So I've set forth what the IAU actually says, not anyone's fantasy of what it does, and simply added a note that Pluto's definition is controversial - Thande

-Actually, it said planetoid in the previous version of the text here, too, and i just took it over. True, didnt think of the Dwarf Planet thing. But I like the current version. -Susano

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