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Resources : Regional Blank Maps Hub Directory

This page serves as the hub for other blank map pages. It is also the starting page of the Blank Map Directory, a sub-namespace of the Resources namespace/section. Due to great popular demand for blank map resource files by timeline writers and various AH.commers, we've decided to dedicate a whole sub-namespace within the Resources section for this exact purpose.

So, welcome to the main directory for all the Blank Maps previously posted in The Blank Map Thread and more. Archives of blank maps are split into the following categories, usually by continent.

These maps are a bit more antiquated by's current standards, but as we still lack a better alternative for regional blank maps, feel free to use these if you find any of them adequate for your needs. For now, they're a legacy stopgap measure.

Africa maps

Asia maps

Europe maps

The Americas, North & South

North America maps

South America maps

Oceania maps

Antarctica maps

Outer Space maps

World maps

BAM maps

Fantasy and Alien Planet maps

We all hope you'll enjoy this blank map archive and find it useful. The blank map directory project was originally started and supervised by Atom.

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