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Stupidly-named Italy

An alternate history cliché concerning Italy, frequent especially among map and flag makers on the board. Maharajah described it thus :

This isn't so much a cliche that appears in serious TLs, I think, but some things I see from time to time in the map thread are these strange entities called the 'Kingdom of the Three Sicilies', or the 'Kingdom of the Two Italies', or, God forbid, something hilariously ridiculous like the 'Kingdom of the Three Sicilies, Four Italies, and Two Lombardies', usually resulting from some unspecified alternate unification of Italy, or southern Italy. I'm incredibly annoyed when I see these because it's absolute nonsense, and the only excusable version is the OTL 'Kingdom of the Two Sicilies'. But even then… I mean, that was really kind of weird, giving a country a poetic name like that. One would think they'd have just merged them both back into the 'Kingdom of Sicily'.”

So, take this advice in mind if you're doing a map or flag that shows an independent southern Italy or a differently unified Italian peninsula.

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