Your personal Kaiserreich Headcanon

Mine begins with a Germany that is extremely bloated from its winnings and the state of the world in 1936. With Germany brought to her knees and in the middle of massive economic reform, the Totalists in France are able to rearm and cause revolutions in Spain and Belgium. While Spain falls quickly to the CNF, Belgium is crushed by the German military observers. In the US, Reed won both the presidency and civil war by 1938. In the same year, France, the Union of Britain and Syndicalist Italy declare war on the Reichspakt following a refusal to surrender A/L and allow the colonies to hold elections. France was able to a breakthrough in Belgium and the A/L rather fast, getting as far as Cologne by 1940. However, France attempted to surprise Germany by going for both Cologne and Frankfurt at the same time. Germany was able to split the French line in two and in a year was on the outskirts of Paris thanks to heavy French casualties. At this point, the Danubian Federation invaded Italy and the Internationale surrendered in 1941, with only the Union of Britain remaining from the prewar governments and Germany controlling from White Ruthenia to Portugal.

During this time, the Combined Syndicates of America consolidated power under Norman Thomas. In Asia, Japan engaged in various proxy wars until they solidified control over China and various south pacific territories. The Russian State under Sanikov united following the crushing of the Mongol invasion during Sanikovs rise. With Germany distracted, they were able to seize nearly everything from the former Russian Empire up to Belarus, Ukraine, and the Baltics.

The Entente was goaded into war with the CSA, which ended in Canada falling to the Socialist forces within 3 weeks of the war declaration. The CSA, Mexico, Central America, Colombia, and Quebec started the Workers Defensive Pact, eventually allowing Britain to join in 1943.

1944 began with Russia invading from the Baltics to Ukraine. The news of the rapid fall of the eastern client states caused Kaiser Wilhelm II to have a heart attack, his son Wilhelm III was crowned emperor. In the Battle of Warsaw, the first use of rockets, jets, and full mechanized warfare were able to reverse the tide for the Germans once more. In a long, brutal slog that saw huge casualties on both sides, Germany was able to detonate nuclear weapons delivered by Rockets twice in Moscow and once on. Petersburg, resulting in the death of a large portion of Russian Leadership. A puppet Tsar was installed once more in Russia, and the Second Weltkrieg came to a close.

In 1960, the world lies divided between an American led Socialist coalition from Peru to DC to London. The European Kommision, Germany and her puppets from Portugal to Moscow. Japan and her puppets, and the various proxy wars in Africa, South America, and the Middle East.