WIP Map Thread

1. Closer to Syndicalism, but yes
2. Correct, but china actually has Pseudo-Communism as one of it's major Political Parties
3. Nope, Italy and Greece are Nationalist-Monarchism, while Korea has one of the 3 major sects of Corporatism (Kimist, Castroist, and Moroccan)
4. Germany's Monarchist, just less on Nationalism (think Kaiserreich, rather than Medieval), and the UK's basically Anarcho-Syndicalism, and is currently in a losing war with Scandinavia (one of the major Liberal Democracies, along with Australasia (New Zealand's the main dude here), and China)

The main idea for this map, is to have a semi communist world, without the USSR and PRC.
Nice. Otherwise Nationalist-Monarchism and Corporatism seems pretty close to original Italian Fascism to me but I get your point. Also I would like to say that I only realised that Britain was losing a war to Scandinavia just now when you said it. I thought it was a Scottish War of Independence going on but looking at the map more closely it is the Scandinavian/Swedish colour.
Oh my tell me more about that Syria.
By the time of the *Mongol conquests, Rome lost all its Middle Eastern possessions (except for the coastal Anatolia) to Persia.
When the Mongols destroyed both Rome and Persia, this strange Persian-Roman mix appeared on their ruins.

Something something Transvaal civil war ends in a split with Schoeman breaking off with east-north transvaal durably, then Prussia-North Germany/Germany getting to Delagoa bay to support them, while OFS and west transvaal unite, before being subdued by the UK and integrated into a loose South African Commonwealth

Doubt i'll do more, just some stupid idea i had
Just need to finish some labeling but this is an idea for timeline where the Bourbons win the War for Spanish Succession in Europe meanwhile in North America Queen Anne's War goes much better for the British with New France and Spanish Florida being captured by the British.
The current plan is to turn it into a short map series- at the very least, I want to have separate maps showing languages, religions, and forms of government. Here's a few brief snippets from my notes, just as a teaser:

"Republic of New Serbia: in Ontario/Quebec/etc., ISOTed Vichy France/Acadians were later taken over by Serbians from the 1990s, now a majority-French state with a Serbian ruling class"

"United Kingdom of New Horsham: in Mexico/Australia/a few African colonies (depends if there's room), right-leaning constitutional monarchy, speaks English/Swedish pidgin, Swedish royal family, English middle/lower class, Korean and Japanese minorities, about half-Protestant and half-Shinto"

"Scythian Confederation: in northern Arabia, ethnically Scythian with some Maghreb, various Indonesian, Polish, and Mixtec mixed in over the years, majority-Muslim with large Jewish and Christian minorities, especially around Jerusalem, ethnically Polish separatists in the east"

"Confederation of Great Catalonia: in Ukraine/Caucasus/Russia, initially a patchwork of sparsely-populated Moroccan, Roman, Sudanese, Cambodian, and Indian states in Ukraine and the Caucasus before Catalan anarchists were brought in and took over, becoming the ruling class, later expanded east as other Catalan areas from the 1980s to the 2010s appeared in their already-existing territories and farther east, forcing them to modernize, grabbed Siberia off of the failing Confederate Khaganate, is now a pretty decent republic after the anarchists were thrown out"

"United Kingdom of New Hesse: in South Africa/Mozambique/Madagascar, German/English royal family, middle class is mostly black Americans from the 1870s-1900s, lower class is mostly Welsh, Croatian, and Romanian, though they all speak accented English by now, constant enemy of the Carteldom of Nueva Mexico before its collapse, obsession with dragon imagery to the point that the royals even have massive tapestries and murals of what they would look like as dragons, Madagascar is a dual nature reserve and autonomous area for the Kabiye, Yolngu, and Ngandi peoples who were ISOTed there before New Hesse began settling the island"