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here's some more work on my 4 way cold war. anyone guess the 4 ideologies? (hint: no fascism, although there is a close (ish) ideology here)
Unfortunately, no colour scheme for writing systems exists as such, such I used THICC as default, with following exceptions: Bulgaria colour for Cyrillic alphabet, Moravia colour for Glagolitic (present in Croatia), Manichean colour for Manichean script
Could you please take a screenshot of the writing systems in THICC? I was unable to locate it in the extra 2.0.
12 Guns of the _____s.png

A variation on the "12 countries" meme featuring iterations of a certain subgenre (possibly sub-subgenre, depending on how you want to look at it) of alternate history.
WIP of the map of Europe in my Monarchist Switzerland timeline, which I'm still working up the courage to post *as* a timeline. This is Europe by type of government, with a legend below the image:
map by government type.png

Gold: Constitutional monarchy
Yellow: Constitutional monarchy in personal union with senior state (a la Canada to the UK IOTL)
Dark Gold: Absolute monarchy (Liechtenstein and Monaco only in Europe, plus Iran to the southeast)
Orange: Partial monarchy (Andorra, shared between the Bishop of Urgell and President of France as OTL)
Brown: Qualified Elective Monarchy (similar to Malaysia IOTL, with the Crown rotating every five years between the King of Ilyria [Croatia+Bosnia+Slovenia], the King of Serbia, and the Prince of Montenegro)
Purple: Elective Monarchy (in practice, hereditary monarchy, but the new monarch must be confirmed by Parliament following a demise of the Crown)

Red: Unitary Presidential system
Pink: Unitary parliamentary system
Green: Federal parliamentary system
Blue: Federal presidential system

EDIT: I'm not satisfied with a lot of the borders; they feel too close to OTL in many places, which is why this is still very much a WIP. The only things I have locked right now are Switzerland, mega-Scandinavia, Lotharingia (Low Countries+Alsace-Lorraine), and Brittany because I already have lore/history in mind for each. So if anyone has suggestions I am more than open to hearing them.
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mongolRome - копия.png

not sure about this one.

Part of the WIP world of the long-awaited confrontation between the Mongols and the Roman Empire.

  • Rome survived all crises and lived to the 13th century. Alas, in the form of OTL medieval Japan with the emperor hold power only in Rome.
  • An alternate Genghis Khan does his job in Asia and reaches Europe, where his hordes sweep through Roman territories like a knife through butter, leaving Rome in ruins.
  • After a generation, the khans of thePannonia-centered ulus are imbued with the Roman culture and decide to restore the Roman Empire in all its power. The Mongols quickly seized the ruined Italy and then the rest of the land of the former Roman Empire. Here begins the Roman Khanate (WIP name).
  • Alternate Novgorod dominates the Baltic Sea.
  • Frankish southern Britain.
  • Magyars in Persia (off-map).
  • Sahelian Africans subjugated North Africa (and probably the rest of Africa).
  • A new threat from the Great Eastern steppe?
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Come on, Mongols, Novgorod... such butterfly genocide! (sorry to be mean, I am not for historical accuracy at all cost and aesthetic or rule of cool are sometimes as good if not better, but... I saw "mongols vs. romans" before and do not like that idea... Wouldn´t work some different "steppe people" as good?)
On the other hand that map looks good for me and idea of surviving Rome and Europe mirroring China or Japan is great!
Wouldn´t work some different "steppe people" as good?)
On the other hand that map looks good for me and idea of surviving Rome and Europe mirroring China or Japan is great!
I should have put «*» before the OTL names, my mistake :)
Of course, this is not exactly the Mongols under the leadership of exact Genghis Khan, and this is not our Novgorod.
I didn’t want to load WIP post with complex phrases like "alternate eastern Slavs settled in the north of the East European plain ..."
By the way, thanks for the praise, I really appreciate it!
OK I'll try:
1. American Communism
2. Liberal Democracy (In Australia? And maybe China)
3. Not!Fascism in Italy + Greece and Korea
4. (Conservative?) Monarchism (Germany/UK)
1. Closer to Syndicalism, but yes
2. Correct, but china actually has Pseudo-Communism as one of it's major Political Parties
3. Nope, Italy and Greece are Nationalist-Monarchism, while Korea has one of the 3 major sects of Corporatism (Kimist, Castroist, and Moroccan)
4. Germany's Monarchist, just less on Nationalism (think Kaiserreich, rather than Medieval), and the UK's basically Anarcho-Syndicalism, and is currently in a losing war with Scandinavia (one of the major Liberal Democracies, along with Australasia (New Zealand's the main dude here), and China)

The main idea for this map, is to have a semi communist world, without the USSR and PRC.