WI: Princess Charlotte of Wales marries William II of the Netherlands

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    "In 1814, William became briefly engaged with Princess Charlotte of Wales, only daughter of the Prince Regent, later George IV of the United Kingdom and his estranged wife Caroline of Brunswick. The engagement was arranged by the Prince Regent, but it was broken because Charlotte's mother was against the marriage and because Charlotte did not want to move to the Netherlands."

    What if they did get married? If Charlotte does not die she was poised to inherit the throne of the UK, the Charlotten(sp?) age instead of the Victorian age. I think the constitution of the Netherlands prevented personal unions, and Britain did not want to become entangled in continental affairs, but could this marriage bring these two countries closer together anyway? The British Empire was never formally declared, if it was could the Netherlands become one Kingdom in it alongside England, Scotland, and whatever else? Seems unlikely, but not completely impossible

    And how about the Congress of Vienna? With their connection to Britain strengthened would the Netherlands end up gaining more territory? Perhaps some of the Rhineland?

    If both the Netherlands and Hanover have strong British connections, could they together somehow form the nucleus of a unified Germany? This idea seems difficult as well, and even more difficult combined with the British Empire being formalized and including the Netherlands.

    It seems like the most likely and most boring answer would be that George IV divorces Charlotte's mother, remarries, and tries to sire a son. Hopefully we can come up with more interesting scenarios than that.

    What do you guys think? What is likely? What crazy ideas might be possible, even if unlikely?
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    No. Marriage contract was specific. First son would get Britain, second son the Netherlands. If there was only one son, then a daughter would inherit one realm (presumably that realm would be England). If there was only one child, the Netherlands was to pass to Willem II's brother on Wim's death. There was never going to be a lasting "personal union" per se.

    Probably less territory. Not more. Most of the allies wouldn't want the Netherlands getting any more land than what they did (and most of that land they got - i.e. the former Austrian Netherlands - they got because nobody else (read Austria) wanted it, and nobody (read Britain) wanted the French (who were they only ones who did want it) to have it). The Dutch weren't mad about the Austrian provinces they got, Willem I had wanted a "land corridor" to connect the Netherlands to the duchy of Nassau IIRC. So yeah, Britain didn't take anything more for Hannover, I find it very hard to believe that she's gonna wanna take more for the Dutch. And I have a feeling that Britain not doing anything for the Dutch (i.e. getting them their land corridor or Belgium or whatever) is going to rankle more than a few mijnheers. Since it'll look like "oh, wow, that damned English princess aren't even married to our prince yet and already London is telling us what we can and can't get. F**k London".

    Why? He didn't need to divorce Karoline. She died in 1820, he lasted another 10 years, and never made an attempt to remarry. Why would he try to do so here? George wanted to divorce Karoline out of sheer spite. He didn't want to divorce her so he could remarry, he wanted to divorce her because he wanted to stop her from being queen.
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