1. TheWitheredStriker

    Bigger Dutch Republic / More Successful Dutch Revolt

    I recently became quite interested in exploring a more successful Dutch Revolt, which leads to an overall bigger Dutch Republic. I have many questions, but fear not, I have my own inputs too, as well as my own scenarios :) Prerequisites The first section we'll need to flesh out: how do the...
  2. Philip II and Mary I's son unites the Netherlands, England and Spain

    Let's say that the Boy King Edward VI dies even earlier in 1547 instead of 1553 (given the disastrous Somerset and Northumberland Regencies, his early death may actually have been a boon to England), and without the Edwardian Reforms, the English Reformation rapidly collapses under Mary. Since...
  3. Basileus_Komnenos

    AHC: Greater Belgium/Northern Brabant joins the Belgian revolt.

    The region of Northern Brabant, once known as the Generality lands is a largely Catholic land once part of the old Duchy of Brabant that stayed with the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Part of the reasons Belgium rebelled against the King was because of his Protestantism whereas Belgium was overall...
  4. WI: The Low Countries flooded during the Thirty Years' War

    Possible History recently did a video in a similar (if not the same) scenario and it just sparked in me some interest in this idea and wanted to read more about it other than from a Youtuber. However, never found something with these specific circumstances, sadly. So, I figured, I might as well...
  5. EasternRomanEmpire

    WI: Belgium didn't exist

    Belgium remains part of the Netherlands. What happens to the Congo? Effects on WW1? Effects on WW2?
  6. archdukeofwasia

    What if Mary The Rich of Burgundy survived?

    Duchess Mary "The Rich" of Burgundy was the daughter of Charles the Bold and Isabella of Bourbon. She married Archduke Maximilian of Austria, who became Holy Roman Emperor and had two surviving children with him: Philip 1, King of Castile and Margaret, Governor of the Netherlands. Mary died due...
  7. GameBawesome

    WI: The House of Orange-Nassau dies out during the Napoleonic Era

    The House of Orange-Nassau is the ruling royal house of Netherlands*. They were a branch of the House of Nassau, which also rules Luxembourg. But back to the House of Orange-Nassau, they have played a central role in the politics and government of the Netherlands for centuries, even before the...
  8. No Jagiellonian inheritance; alternate division of Habsburg realms

    I'm currently trying to explore a scenario inwhich Louis II of Hungary doesn't die at the Battle of Mohács. Putting aside the exact developments concerning Hungary itself, what I wish to discuss here is the potential butterflies West of the Leitha. This is what I settled on so far: Margaret of...
  9. AsukaEMP

    Concordia Res Parvae Crescunt - A United Seventeen Provinces TL
    Threadmarks: Chapter I: The death of Don Juan

    Chapter I: The death of Don Juan, July 1577. In the early hours of the 3rd of July 1577 three men were gathered at a house in Mechelen. One of them was a local, while the other two men had come from Holland 0ver the previous month, and all of them were radicalized Calvinists who saw the regional...
  10. Friedrich der Große

    Colonial pursuits of a United Netherlands

    Do you have some ideas about possible colonial projects of a United Kingdom of the Netherlands surviving in 1830? Will this stronger union of the low countries be able to expand its colonial empire more than Belgium and Netherlands did OTL?
  11. Effects of a Habsburg England-Netherlands-Spain-Portugal personal union

    1555: Queen Mary I, due to being free of the ovarian cancer which killed her ITTL, gives birth to a son, named Philip after his father. In 1558, Philip and Mary have a daughter Catherine, the future Holy Roman Empress. 1556: A one-year-old Philip becomes King of the Netherlands and Burgundy...
  12. What if more Dutch colonies in the Americas became independent countries?

    Suriname is a tiny country in South America, and, besides a couple of tiny Caribbean islands, is the only Dutch speaking country in all the Americas. What would have happened if more Dutch colonies had survived? Say, for example one in North America centred around New York (New Amsterdam in...
  13. FernandoPerla

    Burgundian State

    How you picture a Burgundian state, composed of French, Walloon and Flemish people, nowadays?
  14. The Effects of a Failed American Revolution On The Netherlands?

    If the American Revolution was to collapse around 1776 or 1777, I usually hear about its effects in America, Britain, and France. One country I typically don't hear about though is the Netherlands. The Fourth Anglo-Dutch War was contemporary with the American Revolution and some may consider it...
  15. What would a dutch-led Germany be called?

    Let's say, in some way or another, the Netherlands manage to unify most of germany for the exception of the southern states like bavaria, Wurttemberg etc.. and the dutch language becomes the dominante and native tongue of the peoples. What would this Dutch majority and led country be called?
  16. King William III of the Netherlands dies without issue: a German on the Dutch throne or a Republic?

    King William III of the Netherlands, who died in 1890, outlived all three of his sons. His daughter Queen Wilhelmina was born in 1880 and succeeded him in 1890, under a regency of course by her mother. She reigned until her abdication in 1948 and died in 1962. Let's say Wilhelmina is never born...
  17. TheWitheredStriker

    AHC/WI: Independent Southern Netherlands, Spanish Northern Netherlands

    So as I was contemplating life and philosophy, I suddenly came upon a random althistory idea that I felt the need to explore: What if the fates of the Southern (Belgium) and Northern ("Holland") Netherlands were to be reversed? As in, the Spanish successfully reconquer the Northern Netherlands...
  18. Aceh retains its independence?

    The Sultanate of Aceh was the last independent state in modern Indonesia to be conquered by the Dutch. They put up quite a fight, however, defeating the first attack against their capital and, once said capital fell when the Dutch tried again, fled to the jungle and fought a guerrilla war that...
  19. Friedrich der Große

    Position of the Northern Netherlands in a United Kingdom

    So let’s assume the United Kingdom of the Netherlands stays alive after 1830 because riots are ended quick in august/september 1830 so a wider revolution doesn’t occure. I think it is inevitable that the balance of power will shift to the Southern Netherlands. but then my question is: what will...
  20. Friedrich der Große

    Alternate Africa and Congo 1884-1885

    Let’s assume The Netherlands and Belgium remained 1 country after 1830. How would this effect Africa? Would there still be a Colonial Conference of Berlin in 1884-1885, and if yes how would Africa be divided? And what effects would this have on Europe?