WI: Jessa Venture creates the Wrestling Union?

Hello, in the 80s wrestling was having its golden age with the WWF going national with cable television and with the creation of WrestleMania wrestling seems to be getting more popular (at least the federation), around that time wrestler Jessa Venture (and future governor) was vocal about having a Union for the wrestlers,however, it's didn't see the light of day cause Vince McMahon the owner shot down any further talks about unions, a snake by the name Hulk Hogan brother told Vince about Ventures idea for the union, so what if somehow the union happen and form?

Here's are some questions I have:

Would it be intonational? I remember Venture himself saying that the union would have been a intonational program for all wrestlers from every corner of earth but how would that work?, I doubt that New Japan and the Federation would have the same offering of a union,or say late 90s WCW and WWF wouldn't have worked together even if there's was a union? Would there be guys jumping over if both companies had the same union?

How would it have work?

What impact would,there be on modern wrestling today? Probably the most beneficial for the wrestlers in having a union of sort of that the schedule wouldn't be so hard on them, as is stands today the modern WWE wrestler works 3 - 4 nights a week with over 300 days, I remember some YouTube channel was coming up with a better schedule for the wrestlers and have them routine around the year, along the lines of this group of wrestlers have the first half of the year and the second group work the second half, i don't know if ihat would work but overall as I asked what would change if the union formed.

Would some wrestling styles be able not to get in such as hardcore/Indy? Would,they have to change the style? Or do,you,think there's be a higher architecture?

Final question of the union : if there's is a union what does that means for wrestling as a whole?