1. Calcaterra

    Union-Entente Alliance in a CSA Victory Scenario?

    The usual assumption made in a CSA victory scenario is that the Confederates win due to European (i.e. British/French) interference in the Civil War, followed by an Entente-Confederate alliance, parallel to one between the Union and the German Empire. I suppose my question is, then, in two...
  2. Osman Aga

    Southern States leave the Union before 1846

    I have some sort of interest about US history despite not being American, especially in the period of the Civil War. Most of it developed after watching some movies but any attention is good attention am I right guys? Anyway... I was thinking about it. The South had a lot of influence on the...
  3. Realistic effects of a Confederate victory in late 1862 on the rump USA?

    Let's say that Special Order 191 never falls out of that Confederate scout's pocket, and the Confederates win at Antietam, and occupy Baltimore, threatening D.C. Afterward, Britain and France force the USA on the pain of war to recognize Confederate independence, and the USA concedes. What...
  4. Just a Turteldove Fan

    How the war was won in the west
    Threadmarks: Introduction.

    Well, you are welcome to my new thread. (I hope this is finally the one I can finish). I have done my research for this first chapter and I have checked numerous sites. Such as the American battlefield trust, Britannica and Wikipedia. I have also checked numerous books about the civil war. So I...
  5. Just a Turteldove Fan

    A war of blood, sweat and tears
    Threadmarks: Chapter I

    Chapter I: The 17th of December of 1860 the fate of a nation was decided. That same day an extraordinary convention happened in the state of South Carolina. The representatives were all secessionist that wished to start a secession of the United States of America. Their fears were mostly that...
  6. सार्थक (Sārthākā)

    To be In Dixie: A Graphic Timeline on the CSA
    Threadmarks: OP + Map.

    To Be in Dixie Welcome to the World of 'To be in Dixie', a timeline that is meant to attack on the overly troped 'extremely successful CSA' or 'excessively idiotic and stupid CSA' cliches. This will try to show what would be an organic and proper development of a country, that has won its...
  7. GameBawesome

    AHC: Form an Alliance with Alternate Nations, Organization or Union

    The Premise of this thread is to create an Alternate Alliance, Organization or Union around the world, with alternate nations. It could be an alternate alliance from OTL (Like an alternate Entente) or a fully new fictional alliance. You must discuss the history of why that Alliance formed Here...
  8. GameBawesome

    "Benedict Arnold's" in the US Civil War

    The term "Benedict Arnold" is synonymous with the term a traitor. It stems from General Benedict Arnold, who initially fought for the Continental Army, only to switch sides and join the British Army. What if, there were major "Benedict Arnold's" during the US Civil War? A general who switched...
  9. DBWI: Stalin's death didn't cause the Second Russian Civil War?

    In 1953, the Soviet Army revolted after the head of the NKVD, Beria was sworn in as General Secretary. What would need to happen and who would become the next General Secretary? Would the Soviet Union survive to the turn of the millennium?
  10. Vylon Disigma

    AHC: Union Civil War?

    After being defeated by the south(and allies) could another Civil War break out in the Union? if so, How? I suppose the military might try a coup if politics went in a direction they really didn't like.
  11. GameBawesome

    WI/AHC: Multiple uprisings during the Civil War

    What if, through 1861 to 1865, there were multiply uprisings in both the Union and the Confederacy? The Uprisings in the North are sponsored by Confederate Agents, Copperheads, and Southern Sympathizers, while the ones in the South are either local, or sponsored by some other power. List of...
  12. Magnolias and Entropy: A Wikibox Timeline
    Threadmarks: Battle of South Mountain

    “With the fields of fire spread out over a space of nearly six miles over dense forest cover, the first day at South Mountain featured some of the most intense small unit fighting of the war. It was a fight of rifleman against rifleman, led by captains, colonels, and brigadiers.” -- Joseph...
  13. HistoryGunsFreedom1776

    A State of Cornhuskers and Riflemen: WI the Hoosier State implemented the Hythe Method before (or during) the American Civil War?

    I know that the American Civil War is probably quite a bit overdone on this site but hopefully this is a unique premise and twist as I've been pondering about making a timeline out of this down the road. Anyway, I figured that while the idea is fresh, why not have a discussion about feasibility...
  14. GameBawesome

    Education/School System in a Victorious Confederacy and Defeated Union

    What if, Lee’s invasion of the North, was more successful, and Mclellan became president in 1864, and although he wanted to continue the war, he was forced to sign a peace treaty, making the Confederate States of America independent, and gaining international recognition. Now, assuming this...
  15. WI: Slovenia-Croatia after WWI, with Kaikavian Croatian and Greater Serbia

    After WWI and Serbian troops taking Croatia and Slovenia, both Peter I and Alexander I are accepting idea of smaller territorial gains proposed by Prime Minister Nikola Pašić . Serbs annex whole Bosnia, parts of Slavonia inhabited with Serbs and greater part f Dalmatia. Serbs also gave...
  16. The Professor

    AH challenge: English Navarre

    So, other than than the interesting Tudor method of @Cate13 how do we achieve a Navarre with an English King and dynasty? Personal union preferred but what are the most realistic options and repercussions?
  17. Napoleon53

    "What Madness Is This?" Vol. II: The Pinnacle Future

    "What Madness Is This?" Vol. II: THE PINNACLE FUTURE I want to thank the countless readers and commenters that have fueled my imagination in the original 2013-14 WMIT and the Redux that was written from September, 2018, to present day. Without these posters, none of this would have been...
  18. AHC: Make the U.S. Civil War as close to WWII as possible

    Inspired by @Admiral Bloonbeard's thread in "After 1900" about making The Troubles similar to the Syrian Civil War. I know people like to joke about how the TL-191 series turns out to just be "20th Century Europe in North America," but Admiral's AHC inspired me to suddenly come up with this...
  19. AHC: Two American Civil Wars in the 19th century.

    Some caveats: no balkanizing the USA and only one can be about slavery or else we just have two OTL American Civil Wars.
  20. Eagle and Lion: Polish-Bohemian Union TL
    Threadmarks: OP, Luther I of Poland

    Here is the thread for timeline I started doing Infoboxes and Maps for in other threads. I assumed it would be a good idea to make a thread for it since there is some of that stuff already, and as I am not that great in all fields I would have to cover and as I don't really want to abandon it I...