WI Greater Bosnia?

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    I could see the ottomans moving around muslim minorities to weaken Christian forces in the empire. Maybe a big, failed revolt in Bosnia makes the sultan think the Bosnians need to have a lid kept on them, so he moves a bunch of circassians coming during the genocide to Bosnia?
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    Perhaps some sort of Reform Christianity takes hold prior to or during Ottoman suzereignty? Then the independence movement would link up with nationalism like the Bulgarian and Serbian ones so that rather than Christian Bosnians being assigned as Croats if Catholic and Serbs if Orthodox they're recognised as separate.
    Then once independence is secure they just need to nerf their neighbours in the subsequent wars.
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    Apparently, greater Bosnia did exist, before the ottomans got kicked out of Hungary.
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    It did... in some sort of ways. There was no Serb, Croat or Bosnians identity to the Ottomans.

    This kind of Bosnia might survive, maybe including all of Croatia while still losing Hungary as OTL. Although, like Serbia the dominant Croat part might slowly break apart.
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