WI: All Nations had Nepal style Flags?

It was requested elsewhere, let's see what you creative nutters get up to. :p:D

(Non-nutters may also join I suppose.;))
The shape? Because everything would be the same, just with double triangle flags everywhere.

The fact that the flag’s construction is done completely geometrically? Because that’s interesting enough. There are plenty of existing flags that can be described geometrically, but those with crests, etc. would be different.
It was originally posted over in before 1900; there's a thread there about every nation having flags in the design of the Nordic Cross, so I just kind of mused about would the designs might have looked like if the Nepalese flag was used as a base, instead. So I suppose the shape was what I was thinking of, since many RL flags would look... strange, to say the least, if you just cut them into that figure.

I suppose however people interpreted the idea.