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I'm on hormones! May 22, 2019

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    1. Chipperback
      you went on hormones one day before I got my legal name change. :)
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    2. Chipperback
      HRT is a wonderful thing :)
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    3. Dorozhand
      I'm on hormones!
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    4. Dorozhand
      Saw ophthalm. HRT appointment on the 15th.
    5. Dorozhand
      Gotta c an ophthalm. b4 HRT. I'm blind in my right eye; need to make sure there aren't any growths that HRT could aggravate. Appnmt. on 9th!
    6. Dorozhand
      Had appntmt @ Corktown clinic. The physician says they're going to be getting me on HRT as quickly as possible.
    7. Dorozhand
      Happy belated 4/20. i forgot 2 post something cause i was getting stoned all day
    8. Dorozhand
      Went to the dentist 2day. Now I'm going to try and find a physician. I've got an apptmt @ Corktown on the 17th for inquiry into HRT :D
    9. Dorozhand
      trying to get out and see a doctor, but haven't gotten myself to get out. My memory is really bad and I write to try to hold myself together
    10. Dorozhand
      Food, Housing, Medication; Equality, Safety, Dignity; Education, Labor and Cultural Liberation, regardless of ability.
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    11. Dorozhand
      By regarding our situation and establishing mass proletarian consciousness we raise the sword that will set us free.
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      2. Dorozhand
        This is what it means to fight on the front of thought. The intelligentsia of all peoples have a duty to cultivate revolutionary feelings to bolster the material struggle.
        Jan 25, 2019
    12. Dorozhand
    13. Dorozhand
      I've finally been able to apply for state health insurance again. Once I can get out of the house I'll be looking into HRT ^_^
    14. Ddmkm122
      How'd you get UnBanned?
      Also, congratulations on getting UnBanned!
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      2. CannedTech
        I concur, I was gonna miss your Mexico and China maps tbh
        Sep 21, 2017
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      3. Ddmkm122
        Sep 24, 2017
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    15. Dorozhand
      I am deeply saddened by the toxicity displayed in this forum.
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    16. Dorozhand
      I feel very frequent impressions of deja vu. It colors my experience of life in interesting ways.
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    May 18
    Ever-Expanding Rightist-Free Zone
    Dock Worker, Horticulturalist and Revolutionary
    Real Name:
    Irene Deneb
    I am an autistic transgender neutrois-woman suffering from depression, anxiety, sluggish cognitive tempo, extreme body dysphoria as a result of incorrect assignment of gender and the application of cultural gender roles through force and intimidation, and PTSD as a result of emotional abuse and traumatic injury during a suicide attempt. I am mentally and physiologically disabled and require a variety of medications to maintain my life and well-being. I believe the status quo needs to die.

    I support world revolution to establish equality of access to human needs and the liberation of oppressed peoples.

    Life would be better if we all had access to physical and psychiatric medical care

    It would be better if we all had access to housing and the land, with all that we produce from it

    It would be better if capitalists were forced to stop destroying our biosphere and turning our planet into a crematorium

    It would be better if religious organizations could be audited and prevented from abusing people or dictating state policy

    It would be better if white racism were forcibly eradicated

    It would be better if we could all practice culture without fear of bigotry and xenophobia

    It would be better if the unbroken system of poverty, imprisonment and slavery based on race were eradicated and all power given to indigenous people and people of color

    It would be better if contraception, abortion, and communal childcare were available to all and encouraged; if intimidation and indoctrination into horrific puritan family roles were forcibly eradicated

    It would be better if people with disabilities and the neurodiverse could feel safe in our communities; if the eternal genocide of our people were ended forever

    It would be better if toxic masculinity and sexual assault culture were forcibly eradicated

    It would be better if the gender binarist system of assignment and erasure were forcibly eradicated

    We need liberation now, by any means necessary



    "Crowned heads, wealth, and privilege may well tremble should ever again the Black and Red unite!" -Otto von Bismarck