Legolas said:
[Damn, I made a long and nice reply, but all of it was lost because of slow net connection :(]

Well, I have Victoria and I like it a lot. I have only played 2 games though - one as Brazil, on easiest difficulty and AI, to learn. Managed to conquer all South America except Argentina, Chile (my allies) and the British/French/Dutch provinces; all central America except British Belize; California; colonized half of Africa; annexed most of Arabic world. Then the game crashed in 1895.
Another game - as Bavaria. By 1905, I controlled all of Germany except Hannover (1 prov.) and Prussia (1 prov.); also Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium and Netherlands. Krakow too. Had an alliance with Russia and France. And I was the world's leading industrial power.

The problems I see with this game are that the AI never industrializes and never colonizes. In both games, the only nations that have made any new colonies were Britain, Netherlands and Prussia. And only 1 colony each. Otherwise it is nice. Very nice :)
Thats cause of your low AI level, on Agressive/Very Hard they industriali<e really fast and colonize like madmans!
They had a review of this game in the latest PC Gamer. They said it was fun ocne you mastered it (which took several hours), but it went too fast even on the slowest setting.
Mmm. I'm now disliking the game, since it makes you act, in the era of the boom of capitalism, like a member of the committee on the five year plans.
A thread 7 years old being bumped? Not a good idea...
Besides, I'm very much sure that we already had an official Victoria 1 thread that was active at least until Victoria 2 came out (and probably for a while after).
It probably won't even be hard to find - just sort by the number of replies :) there's several thousand replies there, don't remember exactly how many.