TL-191 Map Thread Redux

World 1941.png

Speaking of world map..... here is my interpretation of the World, circa 1941. This include some of my headcanon ideas such as the East Indies still under Dutch Control, Manchuria as a Russian puppet state, and an Italian New Caledonia and New Hebrides.


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    World 1941.png
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CSA HQ Map.png

A Map of the locations of the various Headquarters that were used by President Featherston where he directed his war from during the Second Great War.
To make a guess, is Pierre Laval the French Minister of Foreign Affairs ITTL during GW2 as IOTL when he was concurrently serving as Vichy Prime Minister?

The planned post-war redrawing of Europe by the Radius Alliance in the 1942 Laval Plan.
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Proposal to add more concentration camps in the sparsely populated Confederate Mexican states, and some in Florida as transit camps and POW camps. Maybe one or two in the Bahamas for transit and slave labor. Perhaps more in Cuba since they'll be dealing with a large partisan uprising that'll include both blacks, whites, and mixed-race peoples in their ranks. They might herd in tons of civilians to try to root out suspected rebels like what Spain did IOTL during the Cuban War of Independence with their policy of Reconcentration. Maybe more in Haiti for transit and slave labor but it's more likely the CSA will be more focused on massacring the population of Haiti. And one more camp complex closer to Huntsville as an analogue to Dora-Mittelbau for construction of rocket facilities. Are there any camps that are analogous to Mauthausen , Dachau, Flossenburg, Treblinka, Sobibor, etc.? Honestly it felt kinda morbid for me to make this reply.
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Take two on the Concentration Camp Map of the CSA

A Map of Pittsburgh during the Battle, in which the lighter colors represent the frontlines within the first two weeks of the Battle, the intermediate colors represents the greatest extent of the Confederate forces in the city, and finally, the darker colors is of the day of the surrender of the Confederate troops in the city.

I have made this months ago and I have finally decided to get around to posting it.