THICC: The Highly-Inclusive Color Code

Hello all, first-time poster here.

I have a few suggestions for THICC:
- Chaldea
- Bulgaria-Romania union (probably folded into Dobruja)
- New England/British Crimea
- Lemnians/Pelasgians/Italian Greece
- Federalised EU/United Europe
I have some ideas for THICC as well. If you could put the Rouran under the Mongolia category and put Aqaba/Levantine Port City-State under the Jordan sub-category of the Levant category, that would be nice.

Prepare for liftoff, the 3.0 Space section is finished!
Where would "generic Homo sapiens" and other human species go? For instance, a scenario similar to Historica or A Different Flesh, that Turtledove Homo erectus story.
Some suggestions (Mainly for Iberia):
  • Tarragona color could also be used for "Norman Iberia" (Norman Principality of Tarragona)
  • Laridah/Lleida color, Laridah was a Taifa and nowadays is a province of Catalonia
  • Colors for the Five Patriarchates (Jerusalem, Rome, Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch)
  • Catalan Greece (Achaia color would be ok or a new color, to share it with Duchy of Neopatras)
  • Consulate of the Sea/Mediterranean "Hansa"
  • Jewish Balearic Kingdom (Existed only as de facto polity in the early medieval ages, but I guess Jewish Spain color is already okay)
  • Bardulia/Vasconic Castille
  • Tartessos