These Fair Shores: The Commonwealth of New England

It seems odd to me that the Chilean boundary on the mainland would come that far east if no part of Tierra del Fuego is Chilean.
My guess, as a fellow reader, is that the Chileans still discovered gold in the riverbeds of Tierra del Fuego, prompting a desire to establish sovereignty, but the Argentines got a better settlement of the final border. Another possibility is that the Chileans still lay claims that we are not aware of as out-of-universe observers.
My main question is why Nationalism in Europe didn't take off, Germany & Italy aren't unified along with India. I remember that Napoleon was the one to start the whole Democracy and Nationalist trend in Europe OTL, so my best guess is that Napoleon is way more authoritarian in this timeline.
Nationalism still exists, but is simply not as powerful, or went along a different path than that of centralization and uniformity found in OTL. Examples range from Italy, where pan-peninsular nationalism is probably associated with the previous Napoleon-influenced Beauharnais monarchy, to Germany, where nationalism tracks closer to the legacy of the Holy Roman Empire and celebrates the diversity of the various German local cultures, from Hungary, where each nationality is considered equal and receives non-land-based autonomy under the Hapsburg throne, to Russia, where the state considers its core peoples to be a 'triune' gestalt of Krasnorossi, Belorossi, and Chernorossi, who despite their differences remain a single group.
Of course, Poles might disagree on this classification of the Belarusians and Ukrainians, as would some Belarusian and Ukrainian subjects of the Tsar.




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That’s…bad German.No mistakes,just typical translated German,not something a news agency would write. I can help if you want,don’t have Discord though
Can't confirm this is true, but there's a strong possibility that the German is machine-translated in-universe. The only portions of Prussia that have Internet is the francophone Rhineland. A news network from there may absolutely have its first language as French, or a Rhenish dialect of it, and then translate to German for wider audiences. This, of course, is speculation on my part.